Oprah Winfrey sports new 'do -- do we like?

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She is beautiful with any hairstyle....I LOVE THIS STYLE....Her hair is sooooo beautiful...she looks younger and younger and younger.....not that she ever looked old...but this is a very youthful fresh look and Love the pink ruffle sweater she is sporting today, May 1, on the show.

I love it! Her hair is gorgeous, healthy, and natural. So very Oprahish!!!

the best do yet !!
you go Oprah !!!
it looks so pretty and it suits you, not to mention it
makes you look younger.

I love the do...

it's horrible. doesnt look near as bad in this photo as it does on tv. on the show with tyra it appeared she was a tyra wanna-be and that sure didnt work. since then i have seen it the same and it's not becoming. parted down the middle, stick straight - looks like the hippie days. perhaps a side part would help. the part down the middle and stuck to the head doesnt work for her age or her size. prior to this her hair had been looking great for a long time...up sometimes, lots of different looks. get rid of this one!! she's not 25 anymore! what is her hair stylist thinking????

Personally...I LOVE IT! But I don't think she'll keep it. I think she just wore her hair that way because Tyra was gonna be on that day. She'll go bck to the big bushy 'do soon enough.

love, love, love the straight hair!

In my opinion,Oprah looks best with full hair.

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