One of Oprah's adopted puppies dies over weekend

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Oprah Winfrey holds recently adopted puppy "Sadie" while Ali Wentworth holds "Ivan" on the show earlier this month. "Ivan" was adopted by Winfrey after the airing and died over the weekend.

A second golden cocker spaniel pup recently adopted by Oprah Winfrey died over the weekend from the deadly parvovirus.

Winfrey adopted Ivan -- the brother of the Sadie, the first puppy she adopted this month -- shortly after showing off the litter on her show March 6.

Both dogs were adopted from the PAWS animal shelter in Chicago.

Parvovirus is a deadly disease which can cause a canine to suffer from diarrhea, vomiting and lethargy.

"I'm saddened by his passing though we only had him for a weekend," Winfrey said in a statement to the Sun-Times. "I remain hopeful that Sadie will pull through."

Dr. Jean Dodds, D.V.M., said the two puppies were brought to Arboretum View Animal Hospital in Downer's Grove on Thursday. Dodds said at the time, Ivan was critically ill, however Sadie wasn't showing signs of the virus.

"Sadie was healthy until Thursday night," Dodds said. "It's a dicey situation because puppies can get sick very quick."

"They treated Sadie, but she is now very ill," Dodds said. "She became ill as quickly as [Ivan] did."

A Winfrey spokesperson told the Sun-Times that Sadie continues to get stronger and that she's stable for the first time since being admitted on Thursday.

"[Sadie's] white blood cell count did not drop overnight and she's holding her own," a spokeswoman said.

PAWS animal shelter released a statement Tuesday, wishing the best for Sadie.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with Oprah Winfrey on the loss of Ivan, and we are hopeful that Sadie makes a full recovery," a PAWS spokeswoman said.

"At PAWS Chicago, all of our animals receive excellent medical care. We take stringent precautions to prevent life-threatening diseases, including parvovirus. Our medical protocols are best-in-class in the industry and the steps we take prior to adoption include administering all required vaccinations, diagnostic testing, multiple veterinary checks, and a 14-day isolation period for puppies. Of the 501 puppies that PAWS Chicago took in during 2008, 99.2% either did not contract parvovirus or were cured of the disease."

Dodds, who runs Hemopet, a California-based organization which provides plasma to treat the virus, said Parvo is more life-threatening for dogs then people think, and that puppies shouldn't be vaccinated too young or too often.

The other two puppies seen on Winfrey's show -- Gordie and Webster -- are doing well and were also treated for the virus, according to Dobbs.

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I truly feel for Oprah and the poor puppies.
12 years ago I was given a malnourished 5 month old pit bull puppy who had benn thrown away, as evidenced by his shattered (and already healing) right elbow.
Within 2 days he was in a full blown parvo status.Bleeding out and losing as much fluid as was pumped into his little body.
The emergency vet advised to put him down, my comment being that "How could I kill him when I didn't even know him yet?".
12 years later, thanks to many hours spent by both the Emergency Vet and the wonderful folks at Uptown Animal Hospital, Chunky is charging into the twilight of his life with a big grin on his mug.
Parvo and distemper are the main reasons for puppies to have early vaccinations. The agony the puppies suffer and the heartbreak of the new pet owners are things neither should have to bear.

I hope the veterinary community will provide additional information on Ms. Dodds' statement (or perhaps she should provide more) that puppies shouldn't be vaccinated too young or too often. People will take that out of context and then not vaccinate at all, which I am sure Ms. Dodds did not intend in her statement. The paper should be careful when just printing one sentence of what I am sure was a much longer explanation of the disease and how it comes about. There should be an additional article about shelter animals and what shelter protocols are regarding this disease and how to prevent it. terrible. My heart goes out to Oprah and the mother of the puppy, who no doubt is now off-feed, and has little or no interest in her chew toy.

When we selfishly become involved with the day to day realities of inept and corrupt government, failed social experimentation in Presidential elections, budget crises and war, it's good we have Mark Bieganskion, to keep us grounded in life.

It's a shame that this puppy died, and that Sadie became infected. Most shelters shut down temporarily, not taking in new dogs to keep them from becoming infected, and not adopting out other dogs on site, into homes, to keep from spreading the disease. You would think PAWS would be rassuring the public that everything is being done to protect their pets. Parvo is VERY contagious and can live in an environment for a VERY long time. All the guests on the show, and anyone who handled those puppies needs to be instructed on how to protect their own pets. Here's hoping they are doing the right thing, and not just doing damage control, because we sure aren't hearing about it.

Why is this a top story? Front page news?

who cares

If she would just stop eating all of their food.

Sorry, but this time I have to add my 2 cents. Why is this worthy of more than a passing sentence in a gossip column? This simply is not news. It's not even interesting.

This is a joke right? American's losing their jobs, their homes and this is what passes for news?


This is not news. Just because it is Oprah it is in the newspaper.

What about all the inconspicuous people who have lost pets? No one gives a care about their sorrow.

Time to let celebrities be inconspicuous.

Are we sure she didn't eat him?

I love dogs, I have dogs - but since when is this a Front Page news breaking story?!

Slow news day?

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