Oprah shows off new pup, talks about Michelle Obama White House interview

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Oprah Winfrey fans will get their first look Friday at the cocker spaniel she adopted recently at a Chicago PAWS shelter.

Winfrey will show off the pooch -- also being dubbed as her new baby -- during tomorrow's live show.

Winfrey also will talk about her recent trip with Gayle King to the White House and her interview with First Lady Michelle Obama.

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After Oprah had a show which focused on puppie mills, she vowed that her next dog (and I think any other dog she ever gets) will be adopted. Glad to see that she fulfilled that promise and I hope she utilizes an opportunity to emphasize adoption rather than buying from a pet store that obtains its "supplies" often (always?) from puppy mills that breed and hold dogs in deplorable conditions. In the meantime, too many dogs (and cats) are sitting, waiting at adoption agencies such as PAWS, Anti-Cruelty Society or other rescue groups. They usually cost much less, are spayed/neutered when you take them home, are microchipped and provide just as much fun, love and companionship.

Adopting your pet is the way to go. Even if you want a specific breed, there is usually a rescue group for the breed (i.e., a group that rescues Bassett Hounds, for example, that are waiting to be adopted).

Congratulations to Oprah for adopting a new baby puppy! To Oprah, if you're listening, and all the pet lovers out there you may want to consider taking an American Red Cross pet first aid and CPR class. It'll help you learn what to do if your pet chokes or has some sort of accident. Check it out at www.chicagoredcross.org or register by calling 1 800 33SAFETY.

this is a very sick woman...lol. now she want's to keep up with the obamas. they want a dog...she got a dog...they want do deal with vets...she deal with the vets. what a nutcase!!

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