New puppy for Oprah Winfrey

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Oprah Winfrey holds her dog Sophie, who died last year.

There's a new addition to the Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham household: a new puppy.

Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed reports today the power duo showed up at PAWS animal shelter in Chicago on Sunday and took home a female cocker spaniel puppy.

Winfrey's 13-year-old cocker spaniel, Sophie, died of kidney failure last March. She also has a pair of golden retrievers. (A loyal Oprah blog reader -- Taryn from Memphis -- pointed out that both of Winfrey's cocker spaniels, Sophie and Solomon, have died).

Winfrey is a big fan of the PAWS animal adoption center, sponsoring a room at the facility to showcase a needy dog.

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Oh what a cute puppy. I hope it lives a happy and long time.

Saw the clip of the puppy on the show - she did not look healthy - if you see her eyes and listless behavior, it was probably already ill. We lost my children's first puppy, Cinnamon, from the local humane society, to the same virus. I was told she may have gotten it from the mom? It was devastating. It was during Christmas vacation and the kids were so excited to gt their first puppy. We took her right away to the vet and she was on iv for some time but did not make it. The one thing I would check out first is the possibility of parvo. I would also know to quarantine ANY new animal coming into the family for a few days before introducing to other pets and not expose them to a lot of people and excitement -exhaustion is not great for the immune system either - passing the puppy around to everyone in the office is stressful.

Oprah was duped into believing that a $9mil facility or Paws means you get a great dog? One of the pups just died of parvo/they are struggling to keep the 2nd pup alive. What a great adoption. Oprah's former retriever died choking on a ball. Oprah doesn't need HSUS or animal rights. She needs to learn proper dog care and safety for dogs.Animal rights doesn't teach that, nor do they know it.

I was at the morning taping yesterday and after the show she showed us her puppy. She is so cute! I believe the puppies name is Sadie.

CORRECTION: Solomon has also passed on.

Sadly, Oprah's dog Solomon has also passed on.

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