Meet Sadie, the world's most-pampered pooch: Oprah Winfrey shows off new pup

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She's a new mommy, but it's not what you think.

Oprah Winfrey showed off her new pooch today -- a blonde Cocker Spaniel she adopted from the PAWS shelter in Chicago.

Winfrey showed off her new pride and joy during Friday's "Live!" show from Chicago.

Winfrey also showed off several other pups still looking for a needy home.

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I caught oprah and her bf at the petsmart across from paws she adopted her doggies from she got two.... a boy and a girl she was buying his little crate and was parked right next to me at first i didn't even notice it was O holding this beautiful dog and then i looked up to ask the name and recognized her at that point no words came out of my mouth but hello and how are you lol i know i was stunned... I heard one of them passed i wasn't sure if it was the one i seen it's so sad.

So glad you adopted little Sadie. She strongly resembles our Chauncey(10 year+ old male) whom we adopted last year from Illinois Cocker Rescue- another great place taking care of dogs. Chauncey was a puppy mill rescue. We also adopted an 8 year old female at the same time. We love them dearly and thank you for showing the value of adopting dogs. God bless you and your work.

I am so thrilled that Oprah adopted Sadie from the Chicago animal shelter PAWS. It sets a great example for the rest of the country. My husband and I wrote a miracle story about our cocker spaniel. We adopted him from a shelter in Minneapolis. The story is in the book, Angel Dogs with a Mission. We think Oprah's fans would enjoy reading about the amazing ways dogs help people and save their lives.

I hope that you kept one of the boys for Sadies's playmate. I am really glad that you have a new baby! Love you Oprah!

I am so pleased to hear and see that Oprah has such a big loving heart and did not go to breeder to get her new family member. I prefer anyone to check out the shelters to rescue a pup/or any animal to avoid them to be unwanted, abused or worse destroyed.

Thank you Oprah

Oh Oprah! That pup brough tears to my eyes. I had a little puppy. It was a puggle that I got for a friend for my 2 year old puggle. Reo the older dog went after Rosie and she died. It was the most tramatic day of my life. Well, 3 years later, I finally got another dog, (a basset hound) named Emma. Emma was much bigger and stronger than little 4lb. Rosie. I got help from an animal behaviorist with Reo. Reo did go after Emma few times in the beginning but never really hurt her. It has taken lots of training with Reo and the two are doing great. I know some people thing I'm nuts to have gotten another dog, but it was just something I had to do. I never leave them alone unless Miss Emma is in her crate. I thank God everyday that I get to have two dogs again. Just thought you would want to hear my story and let you know how it touhces me to see someone like you with a new pup in their life....Best wishes to You and little Sadie..

Love, Karen, Reo and Emma

Thank you, Oprah, for proving to your viewers that shelter pets are the best! Unless a specific breed is about to go extinct, I think there should be a ban on all breeding until all homeless pets have a permanent, loving home and there will never again be a need for pounds/animal shelters/rescue groups!

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