Justin Timberlake reveals what makes every woman's butt look good

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By Kirsten Miller, in for vacationing Mark Bieganski.


Justin Timberlake brought sexy back to Chicago today. (Yeah, I said it. I couldn't help myself.)

Oprah Winfrey, Mark Consuelos, Ali Wentworth and Gayle King welcomed JT as a guest panelist today on Oprah Fridays Live. He didn't disappoint.

Timberlake brought an 'O' magazine cover pitch, that Ellen had apparently given him, of the two talk show hosts bearing it all in bikinis.

He did a breathless impression of fellow singer John Mayer: "Your body is. a. wonderrr. lannnd."

He squelched rumors that he and girlfriend Jessica Biel are engaged: "I'm not [engaged]. But if she is, we've got a problem."

Thumbnail image for glasses.jpgHe even managed to make those college professor-inspired glasses look good. (Did he borrow them from Michael Douglas' character in the movie "Wonder Boys," or what?)

But what really got me going, was Winfrey's promise that Timberlake would reveal the "one thing that makes every woman's butt look good."

I should have known it would have to do with the clothing line called William Rast he co-owns with longtime friend Trace Ayala.

ali-oprah.jpgBut when Wentworth came onstage modeling jeans in the way only she can, my mild disappointment turned to intrigue. Could the William Rast jeans be the solution to not-so-perfect butts all over America?

Timberlake claims his jeans enhance derrières because of where the back yoke appears.

Forget what you might have read on urban dictionary about what "yoke" means. It's actually a seam where parts of the jean meet.

jt-yoke.jpgTimberlake explained that "different jeans have different lengths (between the yoke and the waistline)." The jeans Wentworth modeled had a slight V-shaped yoke.

According to jeans-and-accessories.com, "the back yoke allows designers to play with perceptual illusions that, if used for the right reason, can enhance your look."

The site outlines different yoke options:

  • Inverted arc: Gives the illusion of a fuller rear.

  • Straight (horizontal): This yoke line will make your waist appear wider

  • "V" shape: Most widely used and most flattering back yoke cut.

  • Sweet heart: This yoke type can truly enhance a small derrière, as the cut is clearly outlining a curvy heart shape.

  • Extra wide: This cut is used to achieve the "falling pants" look. The illusion is enhanced by the placement of the pockets way below the butt.

  • No yoke: Of course, this option exists, and is usually combined with seamed pockets. The garment is contoured by the use of darts. This look is very conservative, and with a proper fit can work very well for women with large rear ends.

Since I don't have a pair of William Rast jeans, I can't tell you if Timberlake's claims are true. You'll have to ask someone who was in the Oprah audience today -- eveyone got a free pair.

(If you're so inclined, though, you can buy a pair
at the official William Rast Web site.)

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If anyone knows the brand of those glasses please tell me!!! Thanks

Oprah, I watch you everyday, please understand that I am trying to help when I tell you that after today I can no longer EVER watch your show because of ALI. SHE IS ABSOLUTELY hideous hideous hideous. She is all about ALI, and that is just not you because you are not about yourself, and never have been, SHE GIVES YOU A BAD NAME, you YOURSELF MUST agree, she made me nauseous today, nO MORE PRESS I JUST WILL NOT WATCH ANYMORE. by THE WAY YOU LOOK TEN MILLION TRILLION TIMES BETTER IN JEANS THAN SHE,

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