Ellen DeGeneres' wish come true: Oprah Winfrey to share cover with talk-show host

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First Michelle Obama, now Ellen DeGeneres.

After a months-long quest to appear on the cover of "O: The Oprah Magazine," Winfrey surprised DeGeneres by appearing via satellite on her show to extend an invitation.

DeGeneres has been making the pitch to appear on the cover for months. She's made repeated calls to Harpo Studios during episodes of her show, imposed her picture on various covers of the magazine and even sold autographed copies of the magazine -- signed "Oprah" by Ellen -- in her gift shop.

"I'm serious about this," Winfrey told DeGeneres. "I believe that when you dream it and conceive it, you can have it and achieve it."

DeGeneres -- who was stunned by the invitation -- set a new goal to make the issue the best selling magazine Winfrey has seen to date.

"I can't believe you're serious about this, I'm freaking out now," DeGeneres said.

For the first time since its debut, Winfrey shared the cover of her magazine this month with Michelle Obama.

"I didn't even want to call because I've had so much fun watching you putting yourself on various covers," Winfrey told DeGeneres. "We will coordinate our outfits so we don't clash. Maybe I'll wear pants, too."

No date has been set for DeGeneres' appearance on the magazine's cover.

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now im at a loss, ellen is gonna be on oprah on monday and they both air at the same time where i am...darn it..ill have to turn on all the t.v.s you guys are really hard to choose between, so i have to tape one and watch the other and visa versa, you go girls

How awesome. I too have enjoyed Ellen lobbying for an appearance on the cover of Oprah. I can't wait until the issue is released. Oprah has come with a great idea...making people guess who might appear on the cover with Oprah next???

i love ur show

Oprah was kind of forced to do publish Ellen because she was accused of being racist for selecting MO just because of color. But i'm afraid it will not work, her prejudiced reputation being well known

I think she should save it for the June cover for gay pride month, which would be awesome.

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