Oprah Winfrey's weight campaign pays off big

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Oprah Winfrey's media rally last month concerning her 40-pound weight gain has paid off.

Winfrey's "Best Life Week" series -- which was promoted on all of the talk show host's platforms and kicked off by a personal essay in "O" magazine with her talking about weight-gain disappointment -- helped blast single-copy magazine sales to its best ever.

According to a report, the magazine -- with Winfrey appearing on the cover with a before and after image of her body -- was the best-selling in magazine history with over 1.1 million copies sold.

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Oprah is a person that people look up to and respect. If she can exhibit a healthy lifestyle, then consumers will want to know how she has done it, and it will save lives and millions in health care costs. If anyone can do it, Oprah can!!

Where in the world is O?????
Three weeks of reruns at the top of her Best Life New Year?
What's up? I thought she was going to help lead the country through "our" collective crises
What's really going on....
nothing in the tabloids no leaked rumors...etc...
Is she ill? A breakdown? Not Oprah!
Can the Time find some answers

Worried about O in Atlanta

I felt your offended when, at 200 pounds, you referred to yourself as 'a big fat cow.'
I guess you want to movitate - and make feel REALLY good about themselves - those women who are also big fat cows at 200 pounds or more. Oprah, the stuff that comes out of your mouth - THINK, woman. Think how your comments affect others...those without personal trainers and chefs. You continue to disappoint me as you pretend to be someone other than what you are - a classist, self-serving, ego-maniac that wants her big O plastered everywhere.

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