Sun-Times Page One Editor to appear on Oprah Winfrey show Friday

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Sun-Times Page One Editor James Smith is scheduled to appear live tomorrow at 9 a.m. on "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

Smith, who's been the marvel behind designing the Sun-Times' Barack Obama front pages, is slated to talk to the talk show host about the designs.

Check back here tomorrow after the show for a clip of Smith's appearance!

Here's a blurb that ran in our inauguration edition about why Smith chose the design he did for the election front page.

Winfrey has featured four of Smith's front pages on her show in the past three months.

"Every boy should listen to his mother, and our Page 1 designer James Smith says he'll never be too old to do that. Smith, 36, knew he would be designing the front page of the Sun-Times for the morning after Barack Obama's election last November when his mom told him: "James, Obama is just like Abraham Lincoln. You've got to do something that ties together."

Alexander Gardner's photo of Lincoln was the inspiration. Finding an image of Obama that was equally powerful was a task. "I knew that I needed to find a photo of Obama looking straight at us, looking straight at the problems facing America today,'' Smith said.

"So I started looking online and eventually found the amazing photo of Obama taken by Brooks Kraft."

And thanks to those two searches, Smith put together an iconic front page that Oprah Winfrey held up as "the best paper in the world" and delighted readers around the world."

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