Oprah Winfrey won't attend service of John Travolta's son: reports

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Oprah Winfrey -- long-time pal of actor John Travlota -- won't be attending the memorial service of his son, who died last week after allegedly falling and hitting his head after having a seizure.

Access Hollywood reports that Winfrey won't be in attendance because she's out of the country. Fellow Travolta scientologist -- and also a pal of Winfrey's -- Tom Cruise also won't be making an appearance for the Thursday service. He'll be in New York taping an episode of "The View."

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i really feel very sorry for travolta i hope they may get the time to recover from this horific time in there life

I would like to send my condolence to Travolta Family first.

Is there any reason why Oprah can,t make it?

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