Oprah Winfrey hits Barack Obama's D.C. inauguration with star-studded lineup

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Oprah Winfrey's taking her show on the road next week for Barack Obama's inauguration - and she's bringing an all-star cast of stars with her.

Fans on Monday will see an exclusive, one-time-only, music performance by Bono, Will.i.am, Faith Hill, Seal, David Foster and Mary J. Blige of a brand-new song celebrating Obama's inauguration and her show's trip to D.C.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher will also appear on Monday's show - and other stars, including Scarlett Johansson, will share special messages about the event.

Actor Forest Whitaker and musician Jon Bon Jovi will join Winfrey on Wednesday as she broadcasts her show live from chef Art Smith's "Art and Soul" restaurant.

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America's Biggest Question...

Have we been Obamafied?

As I add the word Obama to my word dictionary, I feel a certain amount of excitement. Not only is Obama a new word for my dictionary, it is a new word for the tablets of the hearts of women and men throughout the nations and the ages. We have been Obamafied. When I look back over the past 120 days, I am amazed at the power of the human spirit. I am amazed that no matter how many times a group of people, my people have head the word no; they can still recognize the even more profound and life changing power of the monosyllabic word “yes”. On November 4, 2008 we said yes to the expressed will of God and God’s people. The “yeses” had it.

I feel certain that the current president-elect will be to us like Moses was to the people of Israel while they were in Egypt. The years they spent in bondage were so that they would know and be in a relationship with the Sovereign God. Their time spent was so that they could know that God was their sustainer, their provider, their past, their present and their future. Our time spent with President-elect Obama will be for us a time of knowing that God is doing what God said God would do. God’s people have humbled themselves and prayed and the land is about to be healed. Our land has an opportunity to be healed of the oozing wound of racism. Our land has the opportunity be rid of prevailing ethnocentrism. Our land has the opportunity to be healed of the past hurt and sting of rejection because of the color of our skin. Our land has the opportunity to deconstruct and ultimately dismantle the intricately woven garment of white privilege. Our land has the chance to heal. If we assume the posture and position of humility and continue to call on God’s varied and appropriate names a change is going to come.

I have heard many people try to put out the flame that has been ignited in the hearts of the people of America. They say things like, “We can’t put our hope in Obama.” Also, they tell us that “we should look to God and not Obama”. The say that “we have to be careful, Obama is not God”. They say “now that he is in office, he had better start making his promises good”. I know that these comments are more prevalent now than ever before. President-elect Obama will be held to a standard higher than any other president and I am certain he will reach the bar.

America is not ready for the ultimate plan of God for this nation, but we must get ready. It behooves us to pray for the head of “these United States of America” in a way that we have never done before. We must not be weary; we must be the bearers of this “change”. We must be the kind of people who will rise to the occasion and realize that after 400 years of “no you can’t, we must embrace the next four plus years of “yes we can”.

The Night the Civil War Ended

I remember it like it as yesterday. The tension was high; the nation was at the same time hateful and hopeful.

The world was anticipating and cajoling the soldiers of war to assume their position. I suited up about a week in advance. The told me the sooner you go into the battle, the quicker the war would be over.

The rest of the soldiers got ready. Some came just as they were. Some were dressed without amour. Because of their youth they only had the bare essentials, something to cover their head. The stood ready for battle with only a “hoody”. This is the preferred urban garment used in battle. They had a “hoody”, a heart, and cause.

The older ones, some of them veterans of past wars, knew what they needed to win. They knew that they needed as many fighters as they could find. They needed the lame, the withered, the halted, the disenfranchised, the marginalized and the women. Yes, even women were needed to fight this Civil War. Gender matters, at least it mattered in this war.

The day came, the final episode of the war was waging, and the battle was set. The two sides opened fire. The history of the one side was long and they had won so many battles before. The history of the other side was longer and harder, they had won so few battles before.

Nevertheless, Just as the 400 year plus battle started. I heard a clarion sound from the Heavens, bellowing out these words, “The Battle is not yours, it’s the Lord’s.”

The war machine was up and old men and old women, younger men and younger women, very young men and very young women, Black and White, Latino and Asian, rich and poor, the privileged and the persecuted. They all started with faith as they assumed the position and approached the machine that had failed them so many times in the past. They took a finger, lead by the hand of God and in short simple stokes; unified all around the nation, the Civil war ended.

Yes, it is day that I will always remember; it is day that HIStory was rewritten. It became Ourstory. It was the night the Civil War ended, November 4, 2008, Barrack Hussein Obama was elected as the first Black President of the United States of America. There were less causality than any other war in history. November 4, 2008, The Night the Civil War Ended!

-S. L. Bowers

Hello Oprah,
I'm excited to comment about the star studded show of perfomers you've put together. My mother is a subscriber of your magazine (The Oprah Magazine)Live Your Best Life. I think it's a good idea to travel your show around the nation, so the people that can't get to you can see you. I ask that you please come to the South Florida area (Miami), because my mom is always saying she would love to attend your show. I also invite you to my website my organization has put together something special for our newly elected President Barack Obama, I believe you'll enjoy it. Our motto is Social Economy(direct to change our behaviors toward each other) we are excited and celebrate this special time in history.

This is a historic time for the world. I'm so proud to be from Chicago and to see one of own become the CEO of the world. BARACK "OBAMA"

I thanks Oprah for making an open commitment to support this great man. She put her career on the line. This was her right as a citizen of the USA. Thanks OPRAH.

I am so glad the day is almost here for Barack OBAMA to become the new US president. Wish I could be in DC to watch it live you know but no worries I'll catch up with him on a later stage. Lekke Soos A Krekke. I'll be watching from home with my family and the rest of South Africa, as we relive 1994 when Nelson Mandela was electected first Black President how awesome. Being a person of colour I feel so priveleged to witness this Historical event. Not that I didn't know it was gonna happen, I had Faith in you President Obama all along, all along.He also has an amazing family that supports him and I am not worried about him at all.

Enough of her "pay to play" nonsense...Ambassador to South Africa? That crime ridden, racist (both ways now) place is among the most dangerous in the world. What possibly could this glutonous self absorbed in denial elbow rubbing tub do to change anything there?

On second thought, if it means she wont be on the air here anymore, have at it. Find the next made up book there.

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