Are you battling the calories? You, too, can eat like Oprah Winfrey following her new diet

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Talk-show host Oprah Winfrey is battling the calories again -- and you can follow along her diet plan, too.

Click here to find out what Winfrey's new diet plan consists of and how you can incorporate it into your diet!

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Your biggest mistake with regard to weight loss, Oprah, is that you diet every day. That's the surest route to weight-loss failure because the body is programmed to fight the daily diet. You can never finish it; you'll be dieting for the rest of your life. The best way to reassure your body that you aren't trying to starve yourself is to use an every-other-day diet.

Good day Ms. Winfrey,
What a privilege/honor for me to have some positive feedback for someone of your stature as you war against your weight issue. Although we are opposites in this (you want to lose/I want to gain), I empathize with the way you feel. As I watched Larry King Live and your TEAM of professionals discuss your situation last night I felt led to share with you Psalms 30; emphasis on verses 6-12 (King James and Living Bible versions). It's just a constant truth that we never know what's around the corner in our lives, but through it all God promises us that HE will turn our sorrow into joy. "Our" includes you -- this too shall pass. Thank YOU for all the happiness/victories that you bring to so many so often.

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