Oprah Winfrey-approved blogger's year in the life nearing an end

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She's the blogger that decided to live her life for a year like Oprah Winfrey told her she should.

So how did her year living the Winfrey lifestyle shape up? Sun-Times Centerstage Chicago writer Sarah Terez Rosenblum gets a Q&A with Robyn Okrant:

"If you've heard anything about LivingOprah.com blogger Robyn Okrant, you probably fall into one of two mistaken camps. "One, that I'm an Oprah fanatic," says the Lincoln Square resident. "Or the other, that I'm out to disparage Oprah."

In January, writer-performer Okrant embarked on what she called a "social experiment, living entirely according to Oprah Winfrey's advice from her television show, in her magazine and on her Web site. If she says, 'Girls, you gotta have these 10 things in your closet,' or 'Make this pie,' or my husband's favorite, 'Build your man up,' everything she advises for her audience to 'live their best life,' I do.""

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hahahahahahahahahahaha OPRAHH!

If Oprah doesn't have a blog....then who should? The world listens to Oprah; she has credibility, so it makes total sense for her to have an online journal like this.

I am going to tune into Oprah's blog and anyone else like her in the world - people trying to make a difference with their influence.

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