Oprah Winfrey mum on Obama inauguration bash

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Oprah Winfrey said in an interview last night she hasn't decided on whether she's having an inauguration bash for Barack Obama which was rumored last month.

"Everybody's calling me about a party. I'm like, 'Isn't somebody else having a party?'...I don't know about the party thing yet...There is extreme party confusion. I'm trying to get to the bottom of it myself!" she told Extra.

Sources last month told the Washington Post's Reliable Source that Winfrey -- who said Election Day she'd already picked out her inauguration dress -- is hoping to broadcast three of her shows from the nation's capitol that week, potentially from the historic Kennedy Center.

Event planners also working for Winfrey apparently were apparently combing D.C. to find a site for a big inauguration bash.

Winfrey also told Extra she's still on her post-election Obama high.

"[When] I flew to South Africa, I get off the plane and I take three magazines - Time, People and Newsweek - all that have Obama's picture on the cover and I just use them to fan myself as I'm going though the airport just in case somebody doesn't know I'm American. Just in case somebody wants to say, 'How's it going in America?' I know, I'm ridiculous."

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Oprah is a beautiful woman. Let it go.
Benigna Marko

Watch a crazy white retarded cowboy transform into an eloquent humble black statesman.
He's a good friend of Oprah's : )

Access Hollywood is saying that Oprah will broadcast from the Kennedy Center all week. Aretha Franklin is scheduled at the Millenium Stage on Monday for a tribute to Dr. King. I wonder if we'll see her on Oprah's show as well?

An open letter to Oprah Winfrey- My idol.

Dear Oprah:

It has been few years now that I did not get a chance to view your show but I admire you enough to create a blog to follow you.

The earth now is in great danger and not many people from the government is willing to speak out.

Al gore is great for his effort but there is one topic that is so urgent which he is not going to go public.

The topic is to be vegetarian to save the planet.

More than ever in the history of mankind we are given a chance to make a difference. The power is rest entirely within each one of us. That power is to stop the suffering of animals and to save the planet.

It does not matter that we don't kill them directly but we pay for others to kill is the same as we had taken the knife and did the job.

Average American consumes 2500 animals in his/her life time and there billion of people worldwide.

1 hectare of land produces:

* potatoes to support 22 people
* rice to support 19 people
* lamb to support 2 people
**** beef to support 1 person

Ask yourself:

If the future of the world is in your hands, what would you do?

Please, Oprah speak out about this, have the courage to do the right thing and history will remember you for it and the heaven will reward you for it.

It is our responsibility as a noble human being.

Be Veg Go Green and Save the Planet.

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