Tina Fey to Oprah Winfrey: I'm packing up the wig and retiring Palin

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Appearing via satellite on today's "The Oprah Winfrey" show, comedian actress Tina Fey said she's "packing up her wig" and retiring her portrayal of Alaska governor Sarah Palin.

"I'm going to retire. ... I am really happy I did it," Fey said. "It was this wonderful chance to go home again and be with my friends at 'Saturday Night Live.'"

Fey, who crossed paths with Palin when she appeared on the show last month, said Palin was a good sport about the impersonation.

Fey appeared today on Winfrey's show -- the same day the talk show host will make her debut on the popular NBC hit "30 Rock," which stars Fey.

"I was in Denver -- I had just attended the big speech Barack Obama gave -- and the next day was when Sen. John McCain announced Sarah Palin," Winfrey recalled, and then said, "Oh my god, she's Tina Fey!"

Fey and Winfrey taped the "30 Rock" episode, set to air tonight on NBC, the same Saturday that Fey debuted her Palin character on "SNL."

Read Sun-Times Darel Jevens' piece today on Fey here.

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A word or two to Actor Will Smith. What were you licking up off of Oprah's floor ? Since when did you decide you no longer need over 50 percent of your fans ...its a fast fall from the top.
Just rememeber the percentages of exactly who elected your idol. There is already growing disenchanment and regrets numbering into the millions. Its great class action stuff.

To Amy Lynn, this type hypocricacy knows no bounds, and has no limits.

These recent events have clearly brought out the sheer ugliness in Oprah's face, which is destined to get uglier day by day. There are some things ever billions cant buy. Its a reminder for her role.

To the blog owner, fsilure to publish our observation, analysis and opinion will result in dislcosure demands, and legal discovery.

Our objective observation, analysis and opinion are as follows : The real world sees through Oprah and her unleashed charde which is best characterized as illegal acts under the RICO Act. Acting under false pretenses, she is an entertainer at its worst. Oprah's enevitable fall will be harder and faster than most who fall from the good graces of God. Oprah's ratings will nose dive within coming weeks. Ophrah's hypocricacy knows no bounds. Oprah's lust more than heart is on her sleeve. Oprah has made a mockery of our Christain God and created a false idol which she adorned and holds above God. This is a sin. It is not about ratings. Oprah conspired in months of illegal acts, deceived the American viewers and public at large while tresspassing on the U.S. Constitution which is tantamount to an act of treason. Oprah no longer has any credibility. Oprah's tears of joy are overshadowed in her appearance on Grant Field which is memorialized in the minds of 1000s who recognized what God exposed underneath her mask, caught on tape through the camera work, albeit by mistake , perhpas it was inevitable she be portrayed in that light. There clearly is a deep dark secret lurking about, and no where to run. May Oprah's appearance of fade in and fade out forever haunt her for her role in the manipulation of ten of 1000s on unsuspecting, and innocent Americans.

Tina Fey should go down - I say boycott her new show - what show was that again? 3rd rock from the left or whatever ... and SNL altogether!!!!

Tina Fey should go down - I say boycott her new show - what show was that again? 3rd rock from the left or whatever ... and SNL altogether!!!!

After all the "hoopla" is over (hopefully soon),
Obama will be judged by how he performs: creating
jobs; reforming healthcare; protecting the country; enforcing tax laws so that everyone pays their fair share; reducing the deficit, etc. If his actions result in increased inflation, increased taxes, higher unemployment
he'll just open the door for Republicans.

Oh...So now that Obama is president-elect and everyone enjoyed abusing and neglecting Sarah Palin...Oprah is going to exploit her....Our Oprah-watching days are finished...Oprah is a huge hypocrite!

To ightnin:

That sounds like a Genuine American Spirit. Welcome abord :)

lightnin - Really? So President Obama will have a 90 percent approval rating early in his first term, and a total free ride from the opposition and the media? You'll ONLY turn on him AFTER a steady progression of missteps, transgressions, scandals, deceit, foreign policy blunders, filthy tricks, and violations of the very Constitution he'll be sworn to protect and defend? Awesome! That's WAY more fair and balanced than I expected from your crowd.

Your memory is much shorter than you think, bud.

Tina Fey deserves a Freedom Medal for what she saved us from!!!!mv

To all of the Obama supporters, whatever your reason for supporting him: We who opposed Obama will extend him and your chosen party EXACTLY the same sort of support, cooperation, and assistance that you have so generously and enthusiastically given President Bush for the past 8 years, and we will ENJOY doing so, just as YOU have all this time. In fact, we'll try to be even MORE generous! Elephants have LONG memories, you know.

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