Retracing the steps of Oprah, 'Mr. Man' on Obama election night

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The Trib's Kevin Pang does a play-by-play with Oprah Winfrey's "Mr. Man" today on that historic night when his shoulder was thrust into the national spotlight.

"Mr. Man's incredible, improbable week began on a Monday, 24 hours before his left shoulder would ascend into fame.

At that point, before he was dubbed "Mr. Man" by Oprah Winfrey in front of millions of TV viewers, he was (and still is) Sam Perry from Menlo Park, Calif., a venture capitalist and early supporter of Barack Obama's campaign for president."

Sun-Times' Kara Spak tracked Perry down last week and was the first to reveal his identity before he showed up on Friday's episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

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