Oprah Winfrey: Sun-Times' Obama cover the 'best' in the world

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A day after parading on stage with a historic copy of the Chicago Sun-Times' cover of Barack Obama's presidential win, Oprah Winfrey summed up the front page as the best of the best.

"It was the best paper of all the papers in the world," Winfrey told actor Will Smith during today's live show in Chicago.

Typically, about 250,000 Chicago Sun-Times hit the sidewalk boxes and store racks on any given Wednesday. Anticipating the election issue would be a hot seller, 335,000 were printed Tuesday night, Tammy Chase, Sun-Times spokeswoman told reporter Kara Spak in a story today.

By Wednesday morning, 30,000 more copies were printed. Another 40,000 were printed mid-day, followed by 20,000 more Wednesday afternoon.

Wednesday evening, 50,000 more were printed, destined for Chicago retail outlets like Walgreens, gas stations and 7-Elevens. Another 25,000 papers were going to suburban stores, where they would be sold along with Thursday's paper, Chase said.

The grand total? 500,000 Chicago Sun-Times for the nation's most discerning readers, a figure that doesn't include those receiving home-delivery of the tabloid.

Back copies can be ordered through suntimes.com or by calling (312) 321-3000 and pressing 7. The cost is $10, including shipping.

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lets all take the time and thanks president obama for the grate passion that he has to even want to be presiend of this country as the way it is now. no matter who would have won the job would have been hard. but president obama is here for the world not just race. thanks and God bless the usa

Oprah wore green on election night, BO and MO wore black and red. Know what the colors of the new Black Panther Party are? Green, black, and red. Know what the "traditional" flag and colors of the anarcho/communist movement has always been? Black and red. Coincidence that Oprah, BO, and MO chose those colors? Don't think it for a minute. Say goodbye freedom. But it will be good to have businesses taxed so much they lay off even more workers ... we can move to China and work there. After all, Mao's policies and speeches sound a lot like - Obama! Surprise, surprise.

$10.00 for a newspaper? In THIS economy? Well OMG - wait till I write Barack about THAT! Shame on you for gouging, Sun Times.

what's great is you can buy sun times stock for under ten cents, and they have $1.40 in cash per share in the bank. they are reporting earnings 2nite, hopefully the run up to the election generated enough traffic for a profit? that would be great news :D

Get the entire text of President-elect Obama's Acceptance Speech on an assortment of items. Choose from either B&W or a color edition where the word "America" is in Blue and the Words "Yes we Can" are in Red!

Yes We Can! Yes We Did!

Take a look!

It was the best cover!!! They should make Tshirts as well.

As for the t-shirts, why not make your own instead of hoping to purchase them at the Oprah store? Those early-80s letters are easily found at Joann Fabrics and they sell t-shirts there, too. The time to do and create for ourselves is upon us– let's not fall back into our pre-Barack ways already.

Other papers in the nation have started selling framed copies of their front page on November 5th. When will the Sun-Times do the same?

I ordered on line about two hours ago but the link disappeared and I can't find it now.

I will be glad when January 20 comes and goes and we get all of this swooning out of our systems and realize that Obama isn't "all that"! As smart and charismatic as he is, he is going to have a devil of a time governing this country, in these times.

For someone who was gushing about Sen. Obama bring this country together your first guest on yesterday's show proved hyprocritical.
Your first guest Gloria Steinam (the venomist)not feminist spent her alotted time bashing Sarah Palin.
How can you help bring this country together when your first guest attempts to do the opposite?
Do you believe that President-elect Obama would have stooped to this level?
Remember the old line, "if it weren't for no class she'd have no class?"

P.S. I voted for Obama

I am looking for the kindle coupon so i can order it

Being originally from Chicago's south side, I'm very proud of this moment! However, I am highly disappointed that it costs $10 per copy of the Nov 5th edition of the paper.

I'm now living in Seattle and ordered a few copies but wishing I could get the difference back because this seems truly wrong. Horrible, in fact.

Oprah gives away many expensive, beautiful things,so maybe she can encourage the pricing of the paper to be changed or give away copies of the Chicago Sun-Times to concerned bloggers! =o)

Just a thought.

Go to the home page of the Chicago Sun Times online. There is a link there where you can buy a back copy for $10.00.

There has to be a way to order the Cover online. Come om its 2008, aren't we past the automated phone thing? This is a BIG deal!! Please help us obtain our piece of history.

You can also order from suntimes.com. I would love to get my hands on a 8X10 glossy to laminate.

I would like to know where I could buy the T-shirt Oprah's wearing "HOPE WON".

The 312 number in the storu above redirects you to a toll free # 866-614-5196 but when I called it said sue to extremely high volume the call could not be answered and to call back. The numbers worked and I am calling from outside IL.

Anyone know the photographer who shot that particular portrait of Obama?

How can people from other states order the cover? I have tired the number and that does not work.

Will the Obama cover photo be sold as a print for the public?

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