Oprah asks court to dismiss defamation suit

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Nomvuyo Mzamane, the ex-headmistress of her girls school in South Africa, got her defamation case against Oprah Winfrey to court, but now Oprah's asking for it to be dismissed.

Mzamane is suing Winfrey in federal court in Pennsylvania over remarks she made on her Chicago-based talk show about a sex-abuse case at the school.

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I applaud Oprah in being tenatious in getting to the bottom of this unfortunate incident that happened to the girls in her South Africa school. The fact that the ex-headmaster is in a defamation case does not suprise me. Oprah is a target for such defamation of her character due to her wealth. Ms. Mzamane has apparently forgotten why she was their at the school, to provide a safe and productive learning enivornment for the children she took the position for. Apparently she is more interested in her own safety, welfare , and reputation than the safety and welfare of the girls she should have protected. Any Good headmaster knows what's going on in their school that's what oprah hired her for. The chilren are receiving a chance at a more positive and productive life given to them by Oprah and they deserve to be taken care of properly. Ms. Mzamane clearly forgot why she was there. As an educator/therapist and I take any abuse serious and Ms. Mzamane should also. I think she is so worried about her failed attempt to monitor the school and the safety of the girls she neglected to realize she was getting a heffty salary of $150,000 a year to do such a poor job. Is she willing to give back part of her salary for not living up to her end of her contract at the school. I'm praying for you Oprah. You are a target for every crack pot out here that doesn't like the way you talk, walk, dress or speak. These crackpots are just looking for a way to get a piece of your pie.
God Bless
Your sister in Christ and mentee

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