Madonna to follow in Winfrey's footsteps, wants to open school

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The Material Girl is taking a cue from the Queen of Daytime and wants to open a school for underprivileged girls.

In a new video on her Web site, Madonna is seeking donations from her fans to open a school in Malawi, where she adopted her youngest child, David.

"There are very few girls in Africa in general who are encouraged or allowed to go to secondary school so after spending a lot of time there I realized that one of the ways I could help was to build a girls' school," she said. "I would really be grateful if you would get involved and help me in any way that you can with donations, spreading the word, visiting my website, reading about the progress that we've made so far.... I would appreciate any help you could give us."

Winfrey opened a school for girls in South Africa in 2007.

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I admire anyone's desire to help children in foreign countries, but what about the millions of children suffering here from a sub-par education? Always clean up your own back yard first.

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