Is Oprah Winfrey losing her golden touch?

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Is the long-time talk show queen losing her Midas Touch?

A spread in today's RedEye seems to hint at that idea to readers.

Citing drops in TV show ratings, the folding of her "O At Home" magazine announced earlier this month and her lingering in popularity polls, Leonor Vivanco writes that interest in Oprah Winfrey's empire is down in almost every category.

TV ratings. Magazine circulation. Popularity polls. They've all shown decreases. But is Winfrey off her game, or just vulnerable to the same declines other TV shows and publications are seeing?

The truth lies in the latter and at the end of the article.

"... it's not like Winfrey's empire is crumbling," says Vivanco.

Winfrey's still ahead of the pack -- ranked the top-rated talk show for nearly 500 weeks, boasting a magazine circulation that outsells Martha Stewart, Glamour and Redbook and still is raking in strong numbers in Forbes' power lists.

The article does a good job playing devil's advocate, but as one person interviewed says, "It's important to remember the size of this empire. She has a long way to fall until we start going 'Poor Oprah."

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When one of the richest women in the world whines 'I finally have hope', it becomes obvious what an ungrateful, elite, spoiled brat she has become. She can make bad books into best sellers, useless politician into president, her empire begins to crumble.

Oprah's more popular than ever according to scientific polls. In Dec 2006, Gallup reported that 9% of Americans admired her more than any other woman in the world. By Dec 2007, that figure had jumped to 16%. That's a 78% increase in popularity:

Oprah is a legend...she has created not just an empire..but history. Oprah has become a member of everyones family. Sometimes family members are in your favor ..sometimes not...but always family.

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