Even Oprah Winfrey is feeling the economic pinch

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Hearst announced today it will stop publishing O at Home and fold its content into O: The Oprah Magazine, according to word from the publisher.

"Hearst will consolidate the content of O at Home back into its flagship, O, The Oprah Magazine, under the direction of editor-in-chief Susan Reed," the statement reads.

The last standalone issue of O at Home will be Winter 2008, on newsstands November 25.

The closure, according to reports, is part of an aggressive cost-cutting strategy by Hearst President Cathie Black, which also saw the closure of Cosmo Girl in early October.

The campaign has also resulted in job cuts at Harper's Bazaar, Good Housekeeping, Redbook and Esquire.

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Oprah was presented as a role model for us young woman and teens. Now she has supported a candidate that would have allowed me to die before I was born. You see, I am one of those who many would have chosen to abort. Is Oprah and Obama glad there mother did not abort them? Are they glad that they had a chance to live their life? Do they not want others to have the same opportunity they have had to make a difference?

Oprah claims to be a role model and sincere yet she uses her position and money for her own narrow views. Why should many that support the protection of the most helpless continue to support her?

Oprah's prestious position was built off the trusts of the average American woman. That trust was betrayed when she "obviously" used her program as a political tool then with great hypocricy stated she could not promote any candidate on her program. Half of the women of America not only feel betrayed, they are committed to never again support in form of Oprah's work. Why do such individuals feel they can gain success, then betray many ordinary individuals who made that success possible?

I love Oprah. Sad to see one of her magazines go. RIP O-at home!

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