Will Oprah leave Chicago -- on Obama's orders?

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Oprah Winfrey arrives for a party in June in central London's Hyde Park. Will she be living there soon -- working for President Obama? (AP file)

Oprah is, of course, a flash point for wild, unsubstantiated rumors of every stripe, and we try not to report the truly out-there stuff. But when a rumor reaches the level of a Financial Times of London correspondent, well, we'll give it some respect. Like this one ...

Gideon Rachman, the FT's international affairs reporter, today wrote about some of the speculation regarding who will appointed as ambassador to Britain in a Barack Obama administration. The most common name thrown around is Caroline Kennedy. But there's another name being seriously discussed in those circles: Oprah Winfrey.

Rachman writes: "But there is also a far more interesting name doing the rounds than Caroline Kennedy - Oprah Winfrey. This is a bona fide rumour, put about by 'well-placed sources.' The argument is that Oprah is also a prominent supporter of Obama and that she might be looking for a 'change of direction' -- having got bored with her mega-star status. It sounds ridiculous. It probably is ridiculous. But she would certainly cause a stir."

Uh, yeah. Yeah, she would.

Then again, Oprah renewed her contract with her Chicago-based TV show just two months ago. She's obligated to stick with it at least through May 2011, taking her through 25 full seasons. However, the new contract allows her the option to pull out at the end of 2010.

She's also launching the Oprah Winfrey Network next year, a full-time cable channel, in which she apparently will be involved in "every single element of programming." Sounds like an awful lot of work to just drop for a ceremonial post to the UK. And anyway, isn't Victoria Beckham now our official diplomat for Britain?

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I love Oprah so much. I will support her 100% no matter what she does.

Both of you sound so retarded. You should just get a life.


In two weeks, the above posters will have to be put on suicide alert.

I hope the hotline number is busy when they call.....

I hope she leaves and never comes back. I will pay for a ONE WAY TICKET !

Who Cares what she will do. She will do anything for her man Obama. I was a democrat until Hillary lost she was the best of the 2 for the job. But the one sided media gave Obama nobody a free ride.
We don't care what Obama the biracial not African American thinks. It will be the people that put Mccain in office. Not the polls,Oparh,Rev Wright or money. We Will put Obama back on the chicago streets where there is more killings, tops in dropouts with 19 percent, and his buddies Ares,Acorn and Rezko. Thats real change hanging with scumbags. Obama can't decide for himself he needs the smart white guys to do it for him. Look at Powell he voted for the war and now goes for Obama. Some hero and friend he is to Mccain. We need the hero Mccain that fought for this country and is "Proud to be American", not a zero full of air and flipflops. Layoff Cindy, and investigate the real truth on Obama and his friends Aryes,Rezko, and Wright. Ask Obama whom his drug dealer is! Why he likes racists churches. You might want to give Obama a drug test. It's amazing how far our news papers have fallin into stupity. You may want to be like the fox news channel fair and blanced. Plus fox news channel ranks no1 week after week not,nbc,abc,cnn,and msnbc. Just remmember your company will pay more taxes under Obama.

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