Oprah Winfrey casts early election ballot. Wonder who she voted for?

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Talk show maven Oprah Winfrey was among one of the estimated 1 million people who took part in early voting in Illinois.

Winfrey cast her early ballot Thursday, waiting in line for over an hour.

The talk show queen didn't admit who she voted for, but it's no secret Winfrey has been a strong backer of local Barack Obama, even stumping with him on the campaign trail.

"'I know who she's voting for, I'm voting for the same guy,'" Winfrey remarked one woman said when she arrived at the Polling Place.

Winfrey -- who voted for the first time using touch-screen technology -- described the experience as "emotional."

"I understand wanting to wait until Tuesday because it's gonna feel like a big party," Winfrey said.

Winfrey -- who decided to take part in early voting because she is taping shows Tuesday and was afraid she'd get stuck at the polls -- did a little dance as a group of polling workers called her name at once when it was her turn to vote.

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Thats so little of you, are you in totally fit and your health is perfect, be very careful of what comes out your mouth, because the God I serves records all. Oprah! may live longer than you. Stop hating.

Tuesday is going to be really exciting. I also wonder who Oprah voted for :)

Speaking of crazy stuff with Oprah. Have you guys seen these college kids trying to get on Oprah by raising money? http://getusonoprah.com They want to get on Oprah and get her to decide where to donate it. Im thinking of donating a few dollars myself.

A waste of a vote. Did she get to vote twice since she's fat again?

This is News OPrah Voted!!

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