Marion Jones talks tomorrow on Oprah

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Former Olympic champion Marion Jones leaves Jan. 11 after being sentenced in White Plains, N.Y. (AP file)

Oprah's spotlighting another Olympic athlete this week -- but this one's not such a happy tale.

On Wednesday, track star Marion Jones will appear on the program -- giving her first interview since her release from federal prison after completing most of her six-month sentence for lying about steroid use.

AP: "Jones tells Winfrey that it wasn't difficult for her to return the three gold medals she won in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. She says 'it's the memory that will be tarnished.' Jones also is to read aloud a letter to her children that she wrote from prison."

The sprinter admitted last October that she used a designer steroid known as ''the clear'' from September 2000 to July 2001. Her admission came after years of denials.

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Keep your head held high. Man cannot judge you, only God can. Just lean on him, and all things will be alright. I just hate the way people judge so much, and not forgive. That is wrong!!!!!!!!!!! To see you cry on the that stage was heart felt. So, when things get down, just look to the sky.

DLB(H-town) and Austin the hang out spot.

I think Marion Jones' story shows the dangers of athletes placing blind trust in their coaches. I also think it speaks to similar dangers with women placing blind trust in males. Yes she lied, but in many ways it was a biproduct of her afiliation with her coach/husband. She trusted him, loved and married him not knowing that he would jeopardize her safety and career by giving her "the clear" without her knowledge. Once he finally came clean, she had to figure out what to do. Women especially talented women have to start being better advocates for themselves. Yes every guy isn't a lying scum-bag like this guy but still we have to watch who we associate with particularly when we are successful. Wise up sistas!

Ms Jones tearfully tells Oprah that she will never compete again.
Oh, cue the bloody violins! She wasn't "competing" in the first place! The woman was/is a cheat, and I'm supposed to feel sorry for her?
Your memories of Sydney should not be tarnished, but erased, Marion. You didn't deserve to be there. You, yourself tarnished the Olympics, I hope you're proud of yourself..

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