Berman talks sex with Oprah Winfrey next Monday

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Sun-Times columnist Dr. Laura Berman talks sex with Oprah Winfrey during Monday's show when she stops by to chat about her new book.

"Real Sex for Real Women: A Complete Guide to Intimacy, Pleasure and Sexual Wellbeing," is Berman's fourth book on finding sex and intimacy at any age.

Berman is a leading expert on sex, from making time to have it to communication differences, sexual dysfunction and self esteem.

Click here to read Berman's columns in the Sun-Times or here to listen to her podcasts.

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Can not seem to log onto the Oprah page. Watched the show, Monday. Thought I heard you say that women who experienced both vaginal and clitoral orgasms found vaginal more powerful. Is that a Chicago Phenomenon? Did I misunderstand you? Does not make physical sense to me that a vaginal climax is more heightened when the clitoris has more nerve endings as you said. See Hite report page 149, seems that in this report women tend to agree. Have never heard different.

Thanks for your show. I did not know I was having intercourse orgasms all this time because I was measuring them against clitoral orgasms. I as in the hite report also experience intercourse orgasms as "fleeting", "less intense". Nice but kind of like a bite compared to the entire cake. Help me understand what I am missing here.

Hite report is available online.,M1

Dr. Berman I have been dating my boyfriend for over 2 years and we have NEVER kissed! He acts like it is a disease, but he wants me to perform oral sex on him and I refuse to do it. If my mouth is too disgusting for him to kiss me, it should be to disgusting to touch his penis! I don't know what to do about it, Also my boyfriend has clumpy sperm what is that about? Is it healthy for oral sex, or swallowing? Please Help! I love him but I don't enjoy sex with him very much, because there are no fire works. He wants me to initiate sex almost all the time and I want him to step up to the plate! He is not passionate or affectionate until we are finished having sex. So now we are barely if ever having sex and he doesn't understand why! I am definetly perimenopausal, dry, irritable and I have only had an orgasm with one man in my life. My boyfriend prior to my present boyfriend, but he stimulated me with his intellect, as well as passion. Though I can think about my ex and still become extremely wet! Is it impossible for some women to orgasm?
My boyfriend is in his late 50's but looks very young and is in very good shape and health. I am in my late 30's. I have children and he has none, though my children are teenagers, but my body is definetly changing inside. I do not want to use harmonal therapy. What else can I do. I am driving him and my children crazy with my mood swings and temperament.

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