Republican women's group boycotts Winfrey; put Palin on show they say. What do you think?

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NEW: My take on the Oprah/Palin flap

A group of Republican women from Florida is boycotting Oprah Winfrey and her TV show because Winfrey won't have GOP veep contender Sarah Palin on her show until after the elections are over.

Winfrey hosted Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama twice on her show in the past -- in January 2005 and October 2006 -- but that was before he threw his name in the ring to run for president.

The talk show host has since given her endorsement to Obama and has even campaigned for him -- something she's never done in a political election.

"[Sarah Palin] is an icon, and set her herself up to be such a women's rights and women's issues person. To have the first vice president of our lifetime on the Republican ticket being a woman and to sit it out regardless of what her personal political beliefs were was disingenuous, we felt," the 4,500-member group's vice president Cindy Graves told Fox on Wednesday.

Winfrey took heat from conservative groups and bloggers last week after a series of articles -- first appearing on the Drudge Report -- chastised her and called her "bias" for not inviting Palin on her show.

"The item in today's Drudge Report is categorically untrue," Winfrey said in a surprise response last week. "There has been absolutely no discussion about having Sarah Palin on my show. At the beginning of this presidential campaign when I decided that I was going to take my first public stance in support of a candidate, I made the decision not to use my show as a platform for any of the candidates. I agree that Sarah Palin would be a fantastic interview, and I would love to have her on after the campaign is over."

The initial Drudge posting claimed Winfrey's staff had been divided over whether to have Palin on the show.

"Half of her staff really wants Sarah Palin on," an unidentified source told Drudge. "Oprah's Web site is getting tons of requests to put her on, but Oprah and a couple of her top people are adamantly against it because of Obama."

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shame on you Oprah! I am so surprised at how you handled this election! I no longer will watch you, or read your magazine or listen to your words. You are a big dissapointment to women of all races. It is too bad you had to play unfair! someday this will come back to haunt you!

I understand your wanting Sarah Palin to be on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Nevertheless, I believe
Oprah has the right to have anyone she pleases on her show. You want to use the fact that she had O'Bama on the show, previous to him running for the president of the United States; so what? I know that you think it is just the right thing for her to do. In all honesty, she does not have to have Ms. Palin her show now, or ever. She has her very own reasons. It is Oprah's show. Oprah is doing as she pleases, contrary to what you think. She said not now. You can boycott all you want, she will still have plenty of supporters regardless. A boycott? Are you for real? You can't always get what you want. Does she owe you something? Did I miss anything? Jeepers!!! How childish. Just let it go; let it go!!

Oprah has played the women of the world like fine flute and lead them around by the ring in there nose. Now that she got what she wanted from them (wealth and power). She is now showing them the true racist that she is. Women burn your O mags and anything else to do with her. Oprah nice color of lipstick. BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT NOW NOW

We must remember that #1. Oprah is a woman. So what is the point of destroying one woman who has accomplished a lot to force her to put another woman on her show. Is this showing sisterhood? #2 Oprah is also African-
American, which I am sure is not the only reason she supports her long-time friend, Obama. So what are the republican women asking of this woman who has helped to make the careeers of many whites and a few blacks. She has been criticized by blacks of catering more to whites.
Are the republic women asking Oprah to give up her right to choose who appears on her show,and succumb to threats to end her career to boost another woman's career. As a woman, I need someone to explain this entire logic to me. As an African-American (who has been denied rights), and as a woman (who has been denied rights), I say Oprah should stand her ground, regardless of the consequences.

Sarah Palin does not belong on a show such as Oprah. That is Oprah's show and she can do just as she pleases. This woman just came out of the woodwork. That show is for real women.

I don't feel that Oprah should succumb to the the ideas and thoughts of others and place her values and integrity on the line to please anyone or place her name on anything she dosen't feel she has to. If so many people are for "rights", Oprah has the "right" to do what she feels and she does not have to give an explanation for her decision.


You are not defined by another individual. Why? Why? Why do we feel that Oprah is the person who will define you in life? Oprah has come from the bottom of the bottom and worked her way up to the top not to be defined by any of you.

I am happy that Oprah is standing by her word unlike the 'Repuuuublican' (Republican)party.

To Mae (posting on 9/11): So, I'm assuming you do not watch the Oprah Winfrey Show because for you to say she is a racist is beyond IDIOT. Let us not judge for ye will be judged. Oprah has always had a diverse audience.

How about we fight for the issues we believe in. Stand against abuse of our VETS, children, & elders. Instead of repeating "the bridge to nowhere." How about we say "the WAR to nowhere."

You are not defined by another individual. Why? Why? Why do we feel that Oprah is the person who will define you in life? Oprah has come from the bottom of the bottom and worked her way up to the top not to be defined by any of you.

I am happy that Oprah is standing by her word unlike the 'Repuuuublican' (Republican)party.

To Mae (posting on 9/11): So, I'm assuming you do not watch the Oprah Winfrey Show because for you to say she is a racist is beyond IDIOT. Let us not judge for ye will be judged. Oprah has always had a diverse audience.

How about we fight for the issues we believe in. Stand against abuse of our VETS, children, & elders. Instead of repeating "the bridge to nowhere." How about we say "the WAR to nowhere."

How can I say this? If the majority opinion on this blog is any reflection on Oprah personally, she should run for the hills. Many of you sound one brick shy of a full load.

As far as Obama? They should put him on a desert island with a mic and a soapbox. Yes, he can have a phoney presidential shield. Just let him talk his ass off where he can't do any damage.

In reality, he's probably laughing at how dumb we are to vote for a guy with his beliefs and a name like Barack Hussain Obama.

This an attempt to get attention for the Mc Cain campaign. Sarah Palin is a by product of true affirmative action. Any other woman in her position would have been there because they have earned it. She is like the daughter of the boss. She has constantly been caught in lies, like the bridge to nowhere. She lacks credibitlity. She comes on the scene throwing stones as she lives in her own glass house. She didn't even know her own daughter was pregnant. When she eventually found out they tried to spin the story; however, most women know the real truth. She almost appears insane. As a women, its disappointing to see such an unqualified women in this position. It makes it bad for the rest of us.

John McCain is an old man with an old man's perspective on women. That's why he's dangling the pretty young thing (Palin) in everybody's's how many men from his generation see objects to use and show off, in an attempt to make themselves look bigger. Listen, lets not fall for this tactic; lets not get mesmerized by the beauty queen ploy. John McCain is hiding somewhere behind her skirt...Let's Call Him Out! After all, he's the one running for president, not Palin. Palin is the WRONG woman and I don't want to see on Oprah or anywhere else.

To: Sarah Palin is an insult to intelligent women
From: An Intelligent Woman

Actually the first real feminists were the pioneer women in the west. They were given the right to vote after the civil war, long before suffrage. Mainly because instead of sitting in their petticoats like the women in the east, they worked. Instead of "organizing", they toiled alongside their male counterparts and actually earned the right to be called equals among men. So I imagine that Palin would not have needed the help of tea-drinking protestors.

Now I am socially liberal. I am pro-gay marriage and pro-choice. But I also believe a woman's feelings on that topic are personal and should NEVER be tied to suffrage or feminism in general. Suffrage was about equality in VOTING. It had NOTHING to do with social or religious beliefs about reproduction. Suffrage comes from the latin suffragium, which means "voting tablet". So please, please stop trying to marry the two concepts. And I am disgusted that women who are not pro-choice have been ostracized from feminism simply because of a personal moral belief. Feminism should be open for ALL women.

Also, the equal pay issue you are referring to is a disagreement on the interpretation of a particular part of a law (Title VII). Women however, are free to pursue legal remedy under the Equal Pay Act, which does not have a 6 month filing limit. If congress would simply amend this Act to include punitive damages, this would be a non-issue. If you are really that concerned about this problem, perhaps your time would be better spent asking your congressional representatives and senators to introduce such a bill. That would, after all, be putting your money where you mouth is.

And you would do well to contemplate your disparaging of ANY self-made woman. Spreading rumors and half-truths that are easily disprovable is repugnant. It does nothing to help true feminism.

As far as I'm concerned, instead of those Republican women encouraging Sarah Palin to go on the Oprah show, they ought to be telling her and the "First Dude" to go home get their house in order.

John McCain and the Republican party are prostituting Sarah Palin. It's like McCain put her in a tight skirt and a pair of sexy specs and sent her out there to bring in votes. We all know why Palin is on the ticket. I don't understand you women who can't see what the Republican party is doing to allowing them to use you like this, you are no more than one of Sarah Palin's customers. Sarah Palin doesn't represent me or anything that I stand for. There is nothing about her that I care to hear about...on the Oprah show or on anybody elses. In fact, I wish she'd go back to Alaska and take First Dude with her.

and its the God given right of anyone who wants to boycott Oprah's show to do so. That's what's so beautiful about this country...we can all disagree AND have a say in what we believe.

I am not a fan of Obama or Palin. However, I am disappointed in Oprah and hope advertisers will boycott her show. Oprah seems to care only about two things..herself and money. The sooner advertisers boycott Oprah the sooner she will reconsider being fair. Why doesn't Oprah want to discuss the issues of both parties? Oprah would certainly have Palin on if she were African American. I won't be watching Oprah anymore. Oprah seems to be a racist.

Silly politics ..where can one go to get the facts! and now its clear Oprah has a personal agenda! Send them a message and turn off the TV!
You'll be surprised how much easier it is to digest and dicipher what is truly going on with these people you want to trust.

Silly politics ..where can one go to get the facts! and now its clear Oprah has a personal agenda! Send them a message and turn off the TV!
You'll be surprised how much easier it is to digest and dicipher what is truly going on with these people you want to trust.

Ladies and who ever may read this…
We are a better country than this.
I really hope that we, men and women, will push to get to the real topics that affect each and every one in this country out there for discussion, so that everyone can make decisions based on the facts. People are losing homes and jobs. Gas prices are high and we need to find various alternatives to our dependence on fuel, not just for us, but for our children as well. Many people are struggling and all we can talk about is a tv show and all the “feely” things that have surrounded such a historic event.
I refuse to believe that this is what we are about. Teen pregnancy is at an all time high. Our children can not compete in the global market because our educational system is lacking. There is a war still going on and our Vets and their families struggle to get by mentally and financially. We need jobs. We need our economy fixed. And we all need this health care thing worked out. We have so much work to do and it will never get done if we don’t get to the issues we all care about.
Where did our respect for each other go? And why are we not challenging the real issues verses wasting time on things that will not matter once our next President is elected? This is NOT what America is about and I’m really saddened that we can all be side tracked so easily.

First of all, Oprah had OBAMA on her show...Barack Obama is running for PRESIDENT, if those ignorant women of Florida want "equal time" they should have asked for MCCAIN to be on. If McCain is elected, he and Sarah will send women's rights back 100 years!

We are a country in trouble when our presidential election turns into American Idol.

God help us all!

These Repub women need to seriously CHILL. Oprah explained that she doesn't use her show as a platform for ANY political candidate, so she won't be making an exception for Sarah Palin. Period. The End. Get over it.

Barack Obama appeared on her show BEFORE he announced his candidacy for President. Sarah Palin is a CURRENT Vice Presidential candidate which her very appearance on Oprah now would be the equivalent of giving a stump speech out on the campaign trail. And that wouldn't be fair. But of course, some Repubs don't care anything about being fair when it's in their favor, but are quick to cry foul when it's not.


Like this Florida group of women Repubs who are boycotting Oprah's show are gonna even make the slightest difference in Oprah's ratings. Nice waste of time ladies.

I'm sorry, what exactly about Sarah Palin is pro-women? She's pro-life to the point where she thinks that women who get pregnant because of rape or incest should be forced to have those babies. That is the most insane and selfish thing I've ever heard. Yep, a real "womens rights" kind of lady.

Silly politics ..where can one go to get the facts! and now its clear Oprah has a personal agenda! Send them a message and turn off the TV!
You'll be surprised how much easier it is to digest and dicipher what is truly going on with these people you want to trust.

Correction. There was a typo in the last sentence of my comment. It should have read Gov. Palin is probably NOT worried about Oprah Winfrey not wanting to have her on the show. Neither Gov. Palin or the GOP needs that kind of "help." There seems to be a majority of white women in the audience of that show, so perhaps Oprah is afraid of the possible enthusiastic response in her studio to Gov. Palin's appearance. After all, her accomplishments are so far superior to Mr. Obama's, it could be an embarrassment to Oprah after her support for the former Chicago thug.

The critics of Gov. Palin and the GOP are people who are too busy soaking up that fluff on the show to get out and do anything really useful to their country, their families, or themselves. Such a waste of time. Yet these sponges who put down Gov. Palin and the GOP have the temerity to criticize a woman who has some real achievements in her resume? Their ignorance is tragic, especially as it prevents them from seeing the extent of their own ignorance! Such fun to put down a real achiever when one has no reason to brag on one's own accomplishments.

Governor Sarah Palin has more class than anyone who would seek cheap notoriety by being a target on the Oprah Winfrey show. She can impress the voters just fine without the Queen Of Sleaze's help. I cannot imagine anyone who wastes their time listening and watching that TV drivel having enough common sense to vote for anyone who would/could do this wonderful country any real good. Gov. Palin is probably now worried about Oprah's decision.

unfortunately, i'll be at the polls telling mccain and palin that i want an abortion should the day come that my father rapes me. oh, and that i also don't entrust the good of the country to a woman that can't even manage to successfully teach her own children about sex and how to prevent pregnancy.

Women's right?! I feel like vomiting thinking that anyone would think Palin is an icon of women's rights.

This group's spokeswoman is an idiot! Palin is the SECOND woman in our lifetime to run as VP -- does the name "Geraldine Ferraro" ring a bell to her? And besides that, no woman in her right mind is going to vote for Sarah Palin because she does not believe in rights for woman. She believes that woman who are raped and get pregnant or girls who are victims of incest and get pregnant should be forced that bear that child. My body--my decision, not hers! It's not about being pro-abortion, it is about being pro-choice!!!!

Oprah has said this story is untrue,this is just one more lie the Republicans are generating in order to discredit Oprah because they FEAR she will have more influence on Obama voters and the Republican machine knows it cannot win against Obama unless they discredit Oprah with white female voters. This is going to backfire on the Republicans.I love Oprah and I am casting my vote for REAL CHANGE.

Oprah has said this story is untrue,this is just one more lie the Republicans are generating in order to discredit Oprah because they FEAR she will have more influence on Obama voters and the Republican machine knows it cannot win against Obama unless they discredit Oprah with white female voters. This is going to backfire on the Republicans.I love Oprah and I am casting my vote for REAL CHANGE.

Why Sarah Palin want to be a guest on Oprah anyway? That's Obama's style, not hers.

This Cindy Graves is a total moron. How could she possibly call Sarah Palin an advocate for women's rights and women's issues when she is AGAINST A WOMAN'S RIGHT TO CHOOSE! She is also lead by God, which is a dangerous position for any American political leader to take. What happened to the separation between Church and State?

This woman is not only anti-women's rights, she is also anti-environment, anti-education (how else can you explain her desire to teach creationism in schools when science has proven Darwin's theory of evolution?) and who knows what else.

This woman scares me more than the threat of terrorism, which by the way, they are using to scare the American public into voting from there.

This should not be a fear based election!

some folks are just plain stupid. besides it obvious these woman have NO clue what they are talking about. FIRST OFF, she HAD barack on YEARS ago when he promoted his book and clinton on YEARS ago for her book, all before the campaigning began. the notion that she is anti women is ridiculous. i feel that i as a woman SHOULD NOT HAVE TO SUPPORT ANOTHER WOMAN BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN.

palin supports woman's rights, really? ARE THESE REPUB WOMEN IDIOTS? palin is anti choice and she does not support equal pay.

BTW, THE DEMOCRATS DID IT FIRST: FIRST female VP & PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE, so spare me the details and now the repubs are in arms bc they FINALLY get a woman on a vp spot, good lord.

Geraldine Ferraro was never on oprah and she was veep as well. people need to get their facts straight before they attack oprah.

It is a tv show! I have no idea why people spend 10 minutes upset over a tv show. Geeessss louise! As far as bessies response... John MCcain used the comment pig with lipstick while talking about Hillary..Did you get upset over that too? Its a figure of speech! Obama is not anti woman!!! He supports women to get equal pay and have every right that men do...JOhn Mccain voted against the bill to push women to get equal pay...why dont you read before you spurt off comments.

If you cant spell Oprah...perhaps you shouldnt comment. It's her show to do what ever she chooses. She chose not to have ANY of the candidates on her show not just Sarah Palin! As private citizen she can support any one she chooses. Its seems some folks just woke up and realized Oprah is black, and a woman. What does Sarah know about Chicago, or black people when she probably doesnt know any? I Bet she wouldnt invite Oprah to come sit on her couch if she wasnt rich and influential. Tell the truth!

Why in the world should Oprah have this incredibly unimpressive woman on her show? Oprah herself is a self-made, powerful businesswoman with arguably more influence than the majority of women in the world. Why would she have a woman on her show who is running with a Senator who has repeatedly voted against equal pay for women? Why would she have a woman on her show who has proclaimed loudly her opposition to womens' reproductive rights? And why in the world would Oprah allow a woman who makes fun of community organizing grace her stage when so much of Oprah's mission in life is to make this world better?

Unlike Oprah, Sarah Palin doesn't have the insight to realize that she would never be where she is without the fights of community organizers like suffragettes and Dr. King. She doesn't deserve to sit on the same stage as a woman like Oprah.

Send her back to Alaska so she can continue with her HAACCKY MAAAMM garbage.

Oprah is still pro-woman. Part of being pro-woman is being able to think for yourself. First of all, I am confused as to why everyone is trying to elevate a mere running mate to be on the same level as a party nominee? Oprah had Obama on her show prior to his announcing his candidacy. She has not had him on since. Nor has she had his running mate or McCain, also a presidential nominee. If there was any vp running mate she should have on her show, why not the first female running mate of any major political party: Geraldine Ferraro. This groundbreaking event happened in 1984, over twenty years prior to Palin. Ferraro would have far more insight since she has been through the process from beginning to end. McCain and his handlers have a tight reign on Ms. Palin right now. They are very careful with her around the media. A boycott can happen if desired but it's much ado about nothing. They do not want Ms. Palin on television with Ms. Winfrey. The one thing Oprah is known for is asking the questions everyone is thinking about asking but don't have the opportunity or bravery to ask. Ms. Palin, as evidenced by these last two weeks has too many surprises in her closet to go on a show with Oprah. Once Ms. Palin has actually done something groundbreaking like win the election with her running mate McCain, then Oprah should have her one the show. Remember ladies: NOT THE FIRST

Oprah has a right to have whom ever she wants on her show, just like we have the right not to continue to watch her. The American voter helps to put the dollars in Oprah's pocket, if rating decline due to Oprah's' choices, so be it!

This is the OPRAH show, not the Republicans show. She is free to have whomever she wants on her show. As an American, Ms. Winfrey has the right to endorse anyone she prefers. Her show is her house. No one can tell anyone else who to invite to their house. Come on! On another hand... why would Oprah invite trash to her show. If you don't like it, there's always Jerry Springer. That's where Sarah Palin belongs.

Sarah Palin does not belong on the Oprah Winfrey show at this point and time. She lied to all of America when she professed her sense of pride in her pregnant teenage daughter-she had the nerve to proclaim her daughter brave. I know for a fact, from my own experience, that there is not a parent on the face of this earth who is proud of their child becoming a parent when they are still children.

She all but referred to herself as a bitch during the RNC (recall the pitbull/hockey mom comparison). She does not believe that it is a woman's right to abort an unwanted pregnancy regardless of the circumstances. Her views oppose those of Oprah's. I am not interested in seeing Sarah Palin attempt to exploit the influence of THE MOST influential woman in America.

Thank you Oprah for not bending to the "will" of 4500 ignorant women.

I think that Oprah has the right to decide who she wants to appear on her show. She certainly does not need Sarah Palin to boost her ratings. Most people are watching Sarah Palin because they know very little about her.
Oprah is a citizen like you and I. She is not a journalist or news commentor and her show is "her show." And, I agree with someone else that mentioned there seemed to be no push to place Hillary Clinton on her show. This isn't about being fair, just ask the Republican ticket. The comments about "pigs with lipstick" were said not only by Obama, but also were included in speeches given by Sarah Palin and John McCain. Obama is not "anti-woman." It is amazing to me as a citizen how one women, previously an unknown, can come in an upset how we think. Wake up people please and vote on the issues.

Do not put sarah on opera's show. We are tired of looking at her.

Oprah should not lower herself to the level of the dishonest Republican candidates. She should have who ever she wants on her show and she should not have to dirty her stage with these people.
Oprah have Obama and Biden on your show every week.

I personally believe as a talk show host her political view should not stop her from having this woman on, She can't hurt Obama. Obama against womaon......McLame voted a against the womans safety act twice thats 2 times for those who are confused. And if you do not know what the vote was it gave stiffer penalties for crimes against hell with Sarah she's married to a man that does not even want to be a part of the USA. WHo are you people and where have you been.. Be HONEST you don't want Obama simply because he's BLACK, because as far as politics there is no comparison president or VP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Opera Is a hypocrite, plain and simple.....if you cannot see this, you are a fool.

Whatever happened to that equal time thing that political candidates used to get, especially when one program is touting its choice over the other, but using the public airwaves to do it? I could give a rats ass about either of the candidates, but fairness is fairness.

Maybe you need her but the country sure doesn't

Help me to understand why Sarah Palin would want to be on Oprah's show when she knows that Oprah is a devoted Obama supporter. What exactly do she expect to accomplish by appearing on the show? In addition, it doesn't matter what party you decide to vote for, the issues at hand is what's important and not Sarah Palin. People are losing their jobs, homes, the stock market is not doing very well, and there is a war going on that really should not be going. This country cannot afford another 8 years of this, what on earth is wrong with these peoples.

Oprah is a free black woman who also owns her own television show and she has the right to her opinion. Where were these women when Hillary was campaigning? No one pressured Oprah to have her on the show. This is just BS. I can believe how many crazy people we have in this world who can't decipher the truth from hype and hoopla.

Sarah Palin is a classic wanna-be loudmouth who is not worthy of such attention. We all know what this is about (wink). Oprah decided long ago that she would not specifically use her "show" to showcase any candidate, including Barack Obama, so why should she cave in now? Why? You know why, and we all know what this is about.

The GOP has paraded this "nobody" into the spotlight, under the guise of being a rising star and a "maverick." Yeah, right!

Rather, this is an obvious appeal to "racial reason." Translation: The last chance to thwart a non-white male or female's ascent to the highest office in the land! This is attractive stuff, folks!

There is a "pecking order" of power in this country, everybody knows this. It goes, white males first, white females second, all others come next depending on the issue(s) at hand and the circumstances. The GOP obviously has the nation in shambles after 8 years and refuse to step aside at any peril. Even if it means parading a "wanna be" out for the circus. Don't make me laugh!

Oprah, hold your ground. Last time I heard, you "own" the show.

How on Earth is Palin "pro-women" when she supports the "right to life" agenda and would FORCE women to keep babies under ANY circumstance (rape, incest, life-threatening complications)?

The comments he made about a "pig with lipstick" is a commonly used phrase that even McCain himself used. Both that comment and the fish comment are nothing more than colorful analogies.

Lastly, flipped Hillary the bird? What?? You sorry people will utter any lie you can to support your agenda.

On topic: Oprah can do whatever she wants to do, it is HER SHOW. Besides, McCain and crew are so busy trying to hide Palin from the media they probably were overjoyed at Oprah's decision.

They not ready for Oprah! That is one of the most powerful and influential women in the world, and I haven't even gotten to the money part yet! Are they really ready to step in it? Nobody messes with Oprah. She's had tougher fights than this and Oprah don't back down to nobody. Yeah, you do that. Protest. Heck, I hope they even put her on the show. Oprah is the best ever.

Tell those sorry Republican women to buy there own talk show and then they put Palin on!

You know i think it's a shame that this right wing womens group have the nerve to try to boycott Oprah's show. Oprah has the right to invite or not invite anyone to her show. Notice i said her show OPRAH WINFREY. Oprah has made a decision whether you agree or not it's her God given right to make.

We all know who Opera's boy is. For Sarah to appear on Opera's show now would and should be beneath her. Sarah doesn't need Opera. The country however, needs Sarah. What a trooper.

Oprah use to be pro-women, now she's pro-Obama who is anti-women. His derogatory comments directed towards Hillary and Sarah Palin were blanket insults towards all women, "sweetie", "pig w/lipstick", "smelly fish" and how about the time he flipped Hillary the bird. Obama does not treat woman as equals and any women who would vote for him should be embarrassed. Some one should tell him the Women of The United States won the right to vote in 1920 and we will not be disrespected.

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