Oprah Winfrey's latest book club pick: The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

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Oprah Winfrey announced her latest book club pick on Friday's show -- David Wroblewski's "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle."

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The 500-page novel is about the story of a mute boy who communicates best with his dogs. Wroblewski grew up in Wisconsin and now lives near Denver with his partner.

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I am an avid fan of this website and its contents. But I need help...can anyone write to me and tall me please, how I can get in touch with the oprah team concearning two novels I have wrote. Im a tall handsome creative Irish man in desperate need of the Oprah touch.

I have wrote one comedy and one serious novel. I just need to know how to send the extracts to the team for there critical comments. Thanks. Keep up the good work guys loving this site.

lorcang2002@yahoo.co.uk bye xxxxx


I just finished reading Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski and I have the following comments:

I enjoyed the book as it was a very compelling story; however, I was very disappointed in the ending. It left me feeling angry and depressed. After reading 562 pages, I was anticipating a positive ending. I don't believe I would read another book by this author for that reason.

Marge Gurney]
Rochester, Michigan

This was one of my summer reads. The writing was beautiful and the characters- including dogs and ghosts- were well drawn. I taught English, and so the elements of tragedy and the Shakespearean template were familiar to me. But this book is so infused with sadness that I had to continuously put it down to recover. I loved so many dogs and people that I could not bear to watch their world unravel. The omniscient viewpoint informs the reader of calamity that awaits. You hope; your hopes are dashed. When at last I completed this amazing journey- and I could not stop turning the pages- I grieved in such a profound way that I could not control my emotions. I was physically ill. I know that this is transformative power in a written world- but I did not recommend it to anyone to read. I am blessed in my life, and sturdy- and I suffered. I was unwilling to sadden anyone struggling already. There is not one cheap trick in this story- it is relentlessly honest. It suffers from the absence of redemption.

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