Chat live tonight with champ mom Jenny McCarthy

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Chat live tonight at with Jenny McCarthy -- the former MTV star and Chicago native turned mother and activist.

McCarthy appeared on today's "Oprah Winfrey Show" to highlight warrior moms. McCarthy will chat tonight with readers on parenting tips and being a champion mother.

McCarthy -- whose son is autistic -- has become an advocate for the issue and is author of Louder than Words: A Mother's Journey in Healing Autism .

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Hello. I am a married Mom with a 5 year old son, who has been diagnosed with Speech delay and a slight form of autism. My husband and I love our son and want him to be able to communicate better and not get frustrated while he is in school and at home when we are trying to teach him things.
I watched the Oprah show that I had taped and I praise Jenny McCarthy for being a Warrior Mom. I cried and feel like I have let our son down and my husband. I worry that our son will be left behind, but he is such a delight and excells in alot of things. times he is in a world of his own. I feel like we have not done enough. I would love to read Jenny's book and would love to know how we can get our son, Sidney James to be able to focus and learn more. Please, I hope and pray that someone will respond, because I feel frustrated and don't know how exactly our son is feeling.

Thank you for your time. God bless.

A cocnerned parent, Donna Marie Prestia

Jenny McCarthy is right. She just needs to go 'outside of Autism' and enlarge her circle of 'Mother Warriors' to include those Mothers fighting on a 'different' battlefront; as although unrecognizable, their war is actually the same; as are the victims they are fighting for. And understandably, if the mothers don't fight for the next generation, WHO will?

Then Jenny would instantly realize 'why' she was called to war, 'the real reason' for the title of her book, and 'who' in fact came up with it. The more experienced 'Warriors' (some involved 30+ years) also have the documentation Jenny is missing... which unfortunately, is even unrecognizable to them at this point, as they too have stayed focused only on those who'd succeeded in the surprise attack upon their children.

Scotland and France were often joined in battle against England.
Likewise, these mothers need to regroup, and realize the benefits of joining forces and having allies. Maybe more kids will still go down by large numbers, but in the mothers regrouping for the larger battle, it would not be without a 'fierce' fight.

Thank you for your voice!!! I have a 13 year old son Chase. He has Aspergers Syndrome and is also profoundly deaf. Chase has had a cochlear implant since the age of two. He was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum at age three. He never played with toys but would rather stare at patterns in the chain link fence and walk around stop signs. He also loved lining up blocks and legos. My husband and I knew something was not right. After the diagnosis we moved to the Seattle area for an Auditory Verbal school to teach Chase to listen and talk with his implant. We never used sign language. It has been a roller coaster ride for the past 10 years. Yes, we felt sorry for ourselves and for Chase. We went through the mourning process first with the deafness and then the autism. We didn't know how much more we could handle. Chase was so frustrated and I knew in my heart that I had to quit my job, move to the big city and fight for my son!! Chase is now 13, attends mainstream 7th grade and is not using an assistant or speech therapy. Chase has learned great organizational skills and social skills. However, we are still working on the silliness...he thinks he is none other than Jim Carey!! It is so strange where the roads in our lives lead. Before you came public with your son, Chase was obsessed with Jim and all of his movies. He started taking acting classes so he could be like Jim Carey. He has an amazing sense of humor...we have just had to teach him to use it appropriately. We explained that Jim Carey is an ACTOR and that he doesn't act silly all of the time. Chase is very smart and loves people. He acts like your typical tween. He has a cell phone, a myspace page and friends. He still struggles with social cues and abstract information but he is always surprising us with how far he has come! I truly believe Chase has healed and is continuing to heal from autism. If I had the power and money to speak with families and share my story with others I would. Thank you for being the voice of us moms who have been through the storm and have found the rainbow...there is hope but you have to buckle in and be prepared to go on the ride of your have to be prepared for ups and downs. God gave us our children for a reason...he knows who the true WARRIORS are!! God bless you Jenny and your precious son!! I know you might not be able to read this because you get so many responses but if you do see this would you consider sending Chase a picture/poster of Jim Carey. I know it would absolutely make his day! He is his number 1 fan!!

Tami Fanning

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