Confirmed: Oprah Winfrey plans to be there when Barack Obama accepts nomination

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Barack Obama supporter Oprah Winfrey will be there when he accepts the nomination later this month in Denver, Colo., a Harpo rep confirmed this afternoon.

Oprah pal Gayle King told Entertainment Tonight that Winfrey will be there during Obama's acceptance, however, there are no plans for her to take the stage at the acceptance speech.

To find out who is speaking at the convention and for the latest updates, visit Sun-Times Washington Bureau Chief Lynn Sweet's blog for details.

A representative from Harpo said earlier reports about Winfrey renting a $50,000 house during the week of the Democratic National Convention in Denver are "untrue."

"Oprah has not been asked to introduce him, is not expecting to be asked to introduce him and I would doubt that she would want to introduce him. She thinks this is HIS moment. I know that she is planning to be there," she told ET.

King will broadcast her Oprah and Friends XM Radio show from the convention starting Aug. 25.

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Mary Lou Foley

I hope know Oprah will be there when Obama excepts the nomination! She is very proud of this moment, and they are like family. Being from the southside of Chicago, it means alot for her, us, and the city of Chicago to celebrate this great achievement! It's been along time since Harold Washington made his mark in Chicago. Hopefully, the American people can truly judge him from the content of his heart, and not the color of his skin! We have come too far (To be the melting pot of the World, and to potentially achieve the American Dream) to be still debating, and critical of someone's race!

It does not seem appropriate to have one's wife, the brother of one's wife, and a half-sister speak at a political convention. This is even more so when Obama has told people to leave his wife out of the political debate.

Who cares what Oprah does... her ratings prove it.

Oprah will certainly help reinforce McCain's message that Obama is nothing more than a celebrity.

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