Sign of the times? Sales of 'O' magazine down 17 percent

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Consumers are cutting back in every pocket of the economy -- even when it comes to buying magazines.

Overall sales of some of the most popular magazines -- including "O" magazine -- are down 6.3 percent, according to new figures released by the Audit Bureau of Circulations.

Newsstand sales of In Touch and Life & Style were hit the hardest, with sale plummeting almost 30 percent.

Single-copy sales of "O" magazine are down 17 percent and paid subscriptions are down 1.7 percent.

People (with sales up 5.2 percent) and OK! (with sales up 19.4 percent) are two of the only mags fighting against the declining trend.

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but her ratings are down as well so it's not just the magazine industry. Plus her magazine is $25 vs. 10 or 12 for vogue and marie claire.

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