Is Oprah weary of being a cover girl?

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Oprah appears every month on the cover of her magazine, O -- and if you're a little tired of seeing her on that cover every month, apparently so is she.

An unnamed source told the New York Post yesterday that the Chicago chat show queen is weary of the photo shoots and asked editors to start putting other celebrities on the cover.

"Oprah has told the editors at O magazine she's tired of being on the cover every month. It's a pain," the source said. "It takes a lot of time and energy and she's sick of it. She's given them six months to figure out what to do without her."

But a rep for the magazine denies it: "Oprah Winfrey has appeared on the cover of O ... since its launch in 2000, and she will continue to do so," said the rep. "In fact, shoots for three upcoming covers will take place in early September."

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