How sweet it is: How much did Oprah's star power help Obama?

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Surprise, surprise: A new study by two leading academics says Oprah Winfrey's star power helped presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama win the primary race.

That's no surprise, given Winfrey's following and the fact she's never put her backing behind a candidate before. But, the new study pinpoints just how many people -- 1,015,519 -- were swayed by the Oprah/Obama team-up.

Craig Garthwaite and Tim Moore developed numerical formulas to calibrate the total, based on Oprah's book sales, ratings and voter turnout, reports the New York Post.

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does anyone know if oprah is going to do her show on tuesday 26th? OR is she going to be at the democratic national convention? i have tix to her show for tuesday, but wonder how she can do both. does anyone know???

I think Oprah should do a show with Baracks grandma and sister, that would be great.

I mean really, aren't we sick of her yet????? She's money hungry and doesn't give two __ about the poor people in Chicago. Why go out and save another country. What about our city? What are you doing for us MISS OPRAH!!! QUEEN OF ALL QUEENS!

I have no doubt she brought him AT LEAST a million voters, and I suspect the true figure is much much higher. One out of three Americans reported that most people they know would be more inclined to vote for Obama as a result of Oprah's endorsement:

I know my own mother watched the Oprah rally in Iowa and ended up voting for him. Prior to Oprah getting involved she would just laugh the guy off.

Oprah's not any ordinary endorsement. The Greatest American contest by the Discovery Channel & AOL found Oprah to be voted the greatest woman in American history, way ahead of even giants like Elanor Rosevelt and Rosa Parks. Oprah's a FREAKING icon, a POWER HOUSE, a GOD-like figure, a woman who overcome every adversity possible to rake in $385 million a year. The greatest rags to riches story in world history, and the richest and most philanthropic African American of all time. When she talks people listen. BIG TIME!

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