Queen of talk 'O'verjoyed about Obama's win

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TV titan Oprah Winfrey is so "euphoric" over Barack's Obama clinching of the democratic nomination for president, she's doing a happy dance.

In a statement issued in response to Obama's victory Tuesday, Oprah says: "I'm euphoric, I've been doing the happy dance all day. I'm so proud of Barack and [his wife] Michelle Obama and what this means for all of us ... the new possibilities for our country. And if he wants me to, I'm ready to go door to door."

Does this mean Oprah will be returning to the campaign trail for Obama in the next few months? I'll bet my TV remote she probably will.

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John Mc Cain and Barach H. Oboma are staying away from the number one issue: When are we going to start drilling for oil in all of the choice locations in our own country? Is there any reason not to, or are our politicians just plain stupid? Their excuses that it would take years to get started
is getting a bit old. It seems to me that if John Mc Cain or Barach Oboma can't or won't get off their backsides and change their negative opinions of our country being self reliant for its oil needs then perhaps neither of these politicians is suited to run our government.

What are the real reasons for a big percentage our countries economy being siphoned off to middle eastern oil concerns or are we just plain stupid to keep listening to their insipid arguments that all is hopeless and that we are responsible for this. In fact we are for electing politicians with no gumption or reasoning powers to determine what is best for our great country. All of their talk is meant to get them into office so that their party can get more jobs for their own elk. They don't give a damn about our great country which is founded on free enterprise-not political hacks that put their ambitions ahead of our country needs.

this is bull, he is no president and his wife as first lady is a big fat joke. that woman does not have 1 ounce of class in her body. In her adult life she could never be a woman of class

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