Oprah's exclusive with Tom Cruise: I regret the way Lauer interview turned out

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In the first of a two-part interview with Oprah Winfrey, Tom Cruise denied rumors that his daughter with actress Katie Holmes isn't really his -- and that he regrets the way the media blew his "couch-jumping incident" out of proportion during his last Oprah show appearance.

"My life was already a zoo, then Kate came in and it was a bigger zoo," he said about meeting Holmes and the infamous Oprah show appearance.

"Every time you did it I thought, 'He's doing it again'," Oprah said about his appearance three years ago on her show. The two -- who are long-time friends -- haven't seen each other since his last appearance on the show.

It just took on a life of its own, Cruise responded, saying the aftermath was just something you had to "take in stride."

Winfrey made the trip to Cruise's Telluride, Colo., home last month for the interview, which is part of a special commemorating his 25th anniversary of filming "Risky Business."

Winfrey was greeted by Cruise and Holmes -- who made a rare appearance at the beginning of the show -- during her first trip to his mountaintop estate.

"It's rustic, but yet not so rustic," Winfrey said about their home, which her cameras and the show's audience were given rare access to. For the first time, the public was able to see inside Cruise and Holmes home -- including shots of their living room, daughter Suri's play area and kitchen.

Cruise told Winfrey he regretted the way his controversial interview with Matt Lauer turned out, and that he felt "pressured" during the questioning.

In 2005, Cruise openly criticized actress Brooke Shields for using Paxil because of postpartum depression, which led to an on-air argument with him and Lauer.

"It came out wrong -- as a result we're even closer friends," Cruise said about his statements and his relationship now with Shields. "I regret discussing Brooke in any way. Afterwards I felt I could have handled it better. For me to tell anyone ... how to live their life ... as a man or a human being I don't believe that."

Cruise acknowledged the increased media pressure felt by him and wife Holmes during the birth of their daughter.

The couple tried to keep her pregnancy a secret as long as possible -- and even brought a sonogram machine and doctor to their home for privacy.

"When you're having a baby, you just want to be safe," Cruise said.

He also denied rumors that Suri isn't his child.

"It's one thing to come after me, but when it comes to my family, my children, that's when I said it was off the chart," Cruise said.

Winfrey also asked Cruise about his relationship with former wife Nicole Kidman and whether reports of her being pushed out of their children's lives are true.

He denied that as well, but said the family has never gotten together with Holmes and Kidman because "everyone's so busy."

The second part of the Cruise and Winfrey interview airs Monday on ABC.

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