Exclusive Mariah Carey wedding photos debut on 'Oprah' show

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People magazine

Not only are the Mariah Carey/Nick Cannon rumors true, but Oprah has the pics to prove it.

Winfrey revealed exclusive People magazine pictures of the duo's wedding today on her show today -- nearly a week after Carey (and Cannon backstage) appeared on the show.

Oprah pal Gayle King -- who talked to Carey backstage during last week's taping -- said she didn't think the duo knew they were going to get married when Mariah was there.

The talk show host one-upped her best friend and said Mariah was well aware she was getting married because she was sporting a "Mrs. Cannon" tattoo on her body.

"Mariah told me herself that she has never felt this way about anyone in her whole life," King said.

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Hi Gale,
This will be a long summer without Tiger Woods on the golf course, I am a 70 year old Grandma of 10 and will watch golf only when Tiger is playing. Any chance that the Oprah show can get Tiger and his caddie on the show? would love to hear them talk together about what it is like to caddie and how if he does help Tiger when things are not going to well. Thanks

Has anyone considered that maybe Oprah's endorsement and her draw of an audience of a particular age group are NOT the actual reasons for her showing decline? Over a year ago I began to boycott anything "Oprah" after watching her show in which she featured her private plane and then proceeded to become truly orgasmic over the real gold faucets in the plane's bathroom. All I could think of was the multitude of viewers who would never have the opportunity to afford gold fixtures. It seemed out of line and highly ego-centric to make such an issue out of something that only the wealthy could afford. I can understand being outwardly excited about such things in front of her wealthy friends who would have the means to afford those luxuries. But to blatantly show off in front of an audience who, for the most part, is treading water to stay afloat nowadays, is more than just ego-centric, it's insulting and demeaning. Save that behavior for your friends like Tom Cruise. Other stars have appeared before the public and have never bragged about what they have. They seemed to be truly grateful for their station in life and never rubbed their wealth into any one's face the way that Oprah has. All those cars and gifts to the audience....tax write-offs: and a magazine that has her, and hers alone, picture on every single cover.....pure ego. Believe me, there's more than one way to a happy and fulfilled life, and the Oprah way is not the only one. So many unsung heroes have done so much more than she has, and their song is never heard. Oprah insists upon not only singing her own song in a deafening voice, but paying the orchestra to play nothing else but her song. Sorry Opey, there's just so much more to life than you, your ego and your delusion that you alone have found the way to bring so many to fruition. If that truly were the case, your magazine, your ratings, your endeavors wouldn't be teetering as they are. To all the Oprah analysts.....let's just call it what it is.....the public is suffering from the fatigue of wallowing in her ego and overly inflated opinions.

Wow. Oprah is really looking harsh.

And Mariah needs to get over the diva ways. It's sick.

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