Another summer, another installment of Oprah's favorite things

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Even if you're not a fan of Oprah Winfrey's long-running talk show -- there is arguably one show (lately she's done it twice a year) not to miss.

Sure, most of us probably can't afford -- or will even end up with -- some of the lavish picks Oprah and her producers choose (remember the HDTV fridge from the holiday show that cost almost $4,000?). But if you're like me, seeing a studio audience filled with grown up and mature women (and some men, though the two in her audience had no clue why the women were going crazy) cheer and cry like they're teeny boppers at a New Kids concert is quite entertaining. (There have even been SNL skits poking fun at the whole process).

Nonetheless, Oprah unveiled a much more affordable "Favorite things" show Friday with her top picks for summer -- calling in the guest help of Donald Trump, television favorite Heidi Klum and Mary J. Blige.

Fast-forward through two minutes of screaming, crying and jumping (at least no one jumped on the couch) to a few Oprah picks we can both afford that are sure enough some of the hottest things to have for the summer.

The most expensive, yet useful giveaway: Weber Genesis EP-310 gas grill ($849 on the show, but we found a much cheaper model online).

The grill comes in handy when cooking up Donald Trump's (now famous) turkey burger that Oprah snacked on while at his Mar-a-lago resort. Combined with chopped apples and chutney, I even wanted one, but maybe that's because I didn't have breakfast before watching the show.

The most entertaining part: Trump had never even tried the burger until appearing on Oprah's show, yet was touting it off like he knew what he was talking about.

Anyway, back to the grill.

A sure hit for BBQ lovers, the grill features three stainless steel burners, warming rack and is available in multiple, stylish colors. (Now we're talking.)

America's top model Heidi Klum -- who wasn't embarrassed to say the less suit the better when it comes to showing off some skin at the beach -- highlighted bold, colorful and inexpensive bathing suit picks from Old Navy ($25) and H&M ($20) to complement the sometimes expensive handbags and Pucci sunglasses.

Two sure-fire hits for women afraid to show off too much skin: the Norma Kamali "Bill" swimsuit -- which retails for $350 but according to Oprah you'll get a good ten years out of.

When fashion meets economics: Check out the Yummie Tummie tank -- which contours to your body to slim your midsection. It comes in 10 hot colors and retails for about $62 at Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus.

Oprah pal and "O" magazine editor Gayle King unveiled winners of the "O" wards -- top beauty products you can't miss this season. The duo showed off about a dozen and a half products, but their biggest favorites: the CoverGirl LashBlash mascara and OPI Nic Stick's Paint & Go Nail Lacquer.

Click here for the complete list of winners >>

Another cool pick was a pair of FitFlops -- designed to help give you a workout while you walk.

Summer isn't complete without a getaway -- that's why Marriott donated $200 gift cards to the studio audience -- to use with a new, stylish weekender bag by Toss Designs. The bags retail for $168 but are cute three times over (Oprah also tucked in a $267 pink GPS direction devices for the audience, too.)

It wouldn't be a giveaway show without something from the Oprah brand. Unveiling Oprah magazine's new cookbook (with recipes from power chefs like Ina Garten and and Art Smith), Oprah called attention to her new summer drink -- a pomegranate daiquiri. (I'm not going to lie, that sounded good, too, just like the burger.)

I've never bought one of Mary J. Blige's albums (though everytime she's on Oprah I always want to) but the R&B singer closed out the show with music from her new album "Growing Pains" -- which members of the audience took home as well.

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Squeezy tees are the same thing? Except they also firm your arms and your belly at the same time. I love bodyshapers I can wear out at night.

How do i get summer giveaway tickets?

Dear Oprah,
My mother is desperate need of Donald Trumps turkey burger recipe. Can you please email this to me? I love her so much and this would make her so happy....
Sincerely, Vilma Everette
(A daughter in need of your turkey burger recipe).\"/

Great coverage Mark!

And thanks for recognizing Yummie Tummie in your blog post. Things have bee crazy today since the airing of the show. Traffic has been off the charts on our website - luckily we prepared for the well documented "Oprah Effect". (:

Yummie Tummie just launched several months ago and the reception has just been amazing. Because they are so comfortable, most women buy several so they can wear them every day.

Thanks again,


Ps. Hope you don't mind, but I would love to put up a link on our site to your blog.

I just bought the Mary J. Blige "Growing Pains" album along with a few of her previous ones. I tell you the album is a classic. I t is the best cd of the year.

where do you come up with these great programs. You have brought television backfrom the crap that was on it. you have given meaning to watching television in a clean and clear way. thank you. joan boruff

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