With only 24 hours left, what would you do?

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So far, Cameron's raised the money and performance from Blue Man Group. Stephen's raised a free lunch from Potbelly for students. But what about Brandi?

"The guys ideas suck," Brandi says, deviating away from the group and deciding to take on her own challenge.

Next thing you know, Cameon joins her (but for good?), leaving Stephen, who carries on and raises another $60,000 for the school.

Brandi's idea: To raise money for Shriner's Children's Hospital in Chicago -- providing free medical treatment for kids.

But look out, giver-turned-Diva Brandi has secured the top chef of Rosebud in Chicago to perform a cooking class for the kids at Shriner's.

Taping of the show moves to Blue Man's Briar Street Theater (which ironically I used to live next door to up until two months ago. How would that have been for a bird's eye view?)

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