What do you think? Is it right for Thomas to have a baby?

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Thomas and Nancy just shared their story about how Thomas, born a female but not legally a man, is having a baby.

What do you think? Is it OK for a man to have a baby? Are people who don't accept their choice wrong in their thinking? Tell us what you think and share your thoughts.

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so this is what the world is..
i am amazed at all the religious bigotry going on here.

so many of the disagreeing posts mention "god" as a reason.

sex and gender are two different things.
his inner self (gender) is male, and that is what truly counts.
there are people born intersex, did "god" decide to make them that way as well?

i am truly sickened by all the hateful comments. until the mindset of the majority changes, there will never be equality.
why should females get equality if the lgbt community cant?

the majority wins, as usual...

"Posted by: luvmynaturalself | April 5, 2008 06:27 PM

Enough times said but the whole show was a joke, Thomas is a woman having a baby. Wearing mens clothes and dressing like a man does not make her a man. Sorry a great story about two lesbian woman who want a baby, but call it what it is, don't hype with non truths."


Unless there is another "luvmynaturalself" poster, this is NOT the comment I submitted. I totally do NOT agree with this charade whatsoever. I find it absolutely disgusting. Say what you will about me objecting based on my belief in God's Word, but I'd rather take a chance on believing His Word -- which I know is the truth -- than to not believe Him and risk my place in eternity. For those of you who make your argument about why this circus is such a wonderful thing, I believe God's Word and will stand on His truth -- without a need to argue.

Has anyone thought about the child how he or she is going to be teased. they should have kept it quite for the childs sake, we all know a man cannot carry a child.

This is ridiculous. Nothing more than a publicity stunt, as there is no reason why Nancy could not have a child, if they wanted one together so badly.

I’m confused the wife is lesbian, she doesn’t like men. So why is she with someone that does not look like a woman? Just like gay males, they don’t want to be with a woman but they will be with a man that looks just like a woman. Strange

I was very disturbed by that story. This is not a man, but a woman
wanting to look like a man. I was not prepared for how disturbing it was to see a woman who looked so much like a man, pregnant.

I think this is uplifting and enlightening!

The reason it's news is not because of Thomas' reproductive anatomy. It's because of all the freakin' hysteria expressed by the likes of people on this message board who can't handle it. If everyone was happy for the couple, it wouldn't be news. Thankfully, we have some very close-minded, misinformed citizens to watch the show and freak out.

This is all about the MONEY...People, Oprah & Today Show. This "person" still looks like a chick with whiskers...She also for some reason couldn't complete what she started. What on earth is the other person (Nancy? who obviously likes men... makes you think?) was thinking, she already has 2 beautiful daughters by a MAN... enough is enough. What about the sperm donor? Was he aware of what was going to happen - syringe and all? Life for children in this world is already hard enough, no matter who, what and how they came to be in it. Whether or not you believe in God, this is so wrong on all accounts. Funny how the following show of Oprah was about "puppies mills" ( I find some similarity) ...where does humanity draw the line? I am completely discusted by the whole affair of the "male pregnancy" and Ms Winfrey should be more discerning about what she airs in future. This topic definately merited to be ignored.

I am saddened that this story would make such an impact. This is a women in men's clothing having a baby...nothing unusual as all women are fearfully and wonderfully made to conceive and have children. It is sad that our world has come to the point that this is totally acceptable and worthy of the news media..not to mention the abibity for monetary gain for everyone involved. I love all people and having a baby is wonderful...but saying that a "Man is have a Baby"??? Please, this is a falsehood. God made women to have babies and not men...and until the end of time that is the way it will stay.

I would agree with most of the bloggers...Thomas is not a man...but a woman with facial hair etc that wishes she was a man...this story shows that alot of hormones can make your body do weird things....Thomas (Tracy) born a girl is still a girl...if she had did the entire sex change operation and did not have any remaining female parts of her body...I might consider her a man...but she chose to keep the female reproductive parts therefore this makes her a woman carrying a child...not a man. I have always had respect for Oprah Winfrey but this story shows her tv career is taking a turn for the worse and airing things like this makes her as bad as Jerry Spring and some of the Maury shows that are on the air.

I don't think it's possible to have this debate without distinguishing between sex and gender, "males" and "men." Half of these comments are useless once we get our definitions straight. "Males" cannot have fallopian tubes and uteri; "men" can.

Thomas, a one-time female who now has both female and male biological characteristics but lives as a man, is pregnant.

I think it's unusual and crosses the line of what we consider to be normal in today's society, but I honestly think what they're doing is fantasic. I know it's not "normal" by today's cultural standards and it's pretty shocking and takes openminded thought to wrap your mind around it, but overall, I think the couple seems very much in love and this baby will grow up with two loving parents. Isn't that all that counts in the end? There are tons of couples who would give anything to be able to conceive a child and who cares if the man or the woman carried the baby to term? Somehow it's more accepted and okay to have a child in a loveless relationship where the child will grow up in an unhealthy and unstable home? NO, not in my mind anyway. I wish them all the luck in the world and I sincerely hope society congratulates and supports them just as they would any other married couple expecting a healthy child.

I find it amusing when people talk like they have a hotline to God. They talk about Him like He's calling them everyday, telling them how to think and feel; they use this alledged relationship to justify racist, sexist and homophobic opinions and feel comfortable doing so. "God says..." this and "God says..." that. What people have to fully understand (like they ever will, lol!) is that, in the end, it's up to Him to judge every individual, not us! That being said, I am really tired of my fellow Americans feeling that they can speak for God. In the end, it will be He who judges us.

Comparing Oprah to Springer is just utter nonsense. She did a show on a non-traditional couple. Not a couple that she pulled from a trailer park, where the husband was sleeping with his wife's sister's daughter. That's just crazy talk!

I think that this situation is totally screwed up!I pity the poor child! A situation like this should be on Jerry Springer. But I still love ya Oprah!

A woman who had some skin removed and swallowed some pills does not a man make.... simple as that. Shame on you Oprah and CNN for that matter, its all about sensationalism... it sells, simple as that. How many hundreds of thousands of dollars did Oprah make from this story? What are these 2 WOMEN going to tell this OTHER MANS child? Daddy gave birth to you? NO? Why not? So, you are going to raise your child believing men can have babies...? What kind of parents are you? What about the testosterone she is taking to grow hair on her face, what will that do to the fetus? Why, when there are so many orphans, living lives of desperate misery out there....why, why, why?

Why are people having such trouble processing the idea that this person wants to be a man and wants to bring a child into this world? I wouldn't necessarily say that these are two opposing desires. Thomas is not confused. He has just found an unconventional way of fulfilling both his and his family's desires. 50 years ago people would have said that a woman who wants to run a fortune 500 company and be around for her 4 kids everyday when they return home from school "is confused" about what she wants, but I guess that has been proven wrong. Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?

Many people replying to this post have the opinion "if this person did not want to be female, why is "he" having a child?". Is it so hard to believe that there are men out there who would like to experience pregnancy? There are men, who were born men, who would like to experience pregnancy. Why are so many opposed to this? Because it is new? Unknown? Unnatural? Unethical? Who are we to judge what is unnatural or unethical or sinful? This family is happy to be bringing in a beautiful baby into the world. I understand that people are concerned about the child being harassed and teased as a child growing up; however, it is those out there who are intolerant and ignorant that will create this hatred and allow it to manifest. We need to be supportive of this child and of the family, or mind our own business. If we are not supportive, then we are the ones who will ruin this child's future. Thomas is not confused. He made a choice; not for you, but for his family. They are happy and we should be happy for them.

On a bit of a side note, I laugh at the comment that says Thomas is not a man, because he was born a women and it says girl on his birth certificate. How many of you agreeing with this bleach your dark or gray roots once a month and still call yourself a blond? Kind of hypocritical isn't it? I mean, who are you to change what "God" gave you? Shame on you!!!

This actually just gave me a great idea! I would like to continue being a man, but get female breast implants so that I have some to play with whenever I want!

What is more bizarre than this story is the fact that so many people are brainwashed by what they see on Oprah! that is more disturbing! Holy crap, it sickens me to see these people adopt her way of thinking. She is the biggest enabler Ive ever seen! Excuses excuses, live and let live BS. Get in the fricking real world, OPRAH. It is NOT a pregnant man. It has female genetalia, it is a woman. Sometimes I think like a man but that doesnt MAKE ME ONE! the kid is gonna be VERY screwed up. because the parents are. Oprah is just trying to cash in. Sensationalize for that cash, Oprah, cos in a couple months, no one will give a sh*t about the he-she cos something else will come along. and personally I dont think God cares for people trying to play God.

Enough times said but the whole show was a joke, Thomas is a woman having a baby. Wearing mens clothes and dressing like a man does not make her a man. Sorry a great story about two lesbian woman who want a baby, but call it what it is, don't hype with non truths

One tactic used by those who see nothing wrong with situations like this is to damn the rest of us who do not agree with it. And for the record I do not agree with same sex marriages, sex changes, transgender, etc., and I'm not concerned with what anyone says. Acceptance is not the same as agreement. I may have to accept what another individual does, but I don't have to agree with it. And I do NOT agree with freak shows like this one. And you can take it any way you want to.

who would want to have a sex change. I don't think it is right tom look like a man and be able to have a kid. I agree with ms white i would expect to see this on jerry springer not Oprah.

Correction.. the "to frankito" section was meant to bedirected towards "donni".

mans don't have eggs womans do, mans have sperms. truely if that thing whats to bring a little freak of nature in this hard world that great. just remember that when that little freak is born from the nasty big freak of nature.we will see if the world let him and his daddy\mom live a happy life in the a real world.

To Nonsense:
Get off your pedestal already.. you babble on about God and what is right and wrong like you were Jesus himself. If God was truly so adamantly opposed to this idea, why would He give us the ability or power to perform such a "sin" in the first place?
Secondly, what exactly, other than you not agreeing with it, makes this a sin? Nowhere is this situation mentioned or even alluded to in the Commandments. Just because you don't approve of something, does not make it a sin.

And to Frankito:
Hate to break it to you but not everyone believes in the same things that you do. Other religions may not believe in the same God as you but that does not invalidate or falsify them. By your saying that "one day we will all (atheist, buddhist, hindus, christians, etc.) stand before Him to be judged for every word and action", you are invalidating all other religions and assuming that your God is the only entity that exists and reigns.

Believe whatever you want to but don't dismiss other people's beliefs... surprisingly, you can believe different things and still coexist.

This isn't a man! It's a woman with a beard. She never had all her parts change. What a load of garbage.

In all honesty i don't see what the big deal about this is. Thomas was born a female therefore still has female internal organs. This is not a biological man having a baby its a female living life as a transgender male having a baby. End of discussion!

The religious bigots should go and spew their filth elsewhere. The world would be better off without you. No one cares that you have an imaginary sky-daddy that you think talks to you. Using that justification to discriminate against people who are neither asking for your help nor trying to force you to do the same thing as them just shows how ignorant you are. Your god would be pleased. I read that he also commands you to stone your neighbors for not obeying the Sabbath.

What matters is how this MAN sees HIMself and how HIS wife respects HIS perception of HIMself. Other kids won't pick on this couple's child anymore than they would any other child. That is, if the sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigots don't teach them too.

I hope Thomas and Nancy can use plenty of logic and reason to keep the kooks at bay. Religious nuts don't like for people to use their brains and to make sense.

Once again, Oprah is deliberately deceiving her audience. She knows full well this not a "pregnant man"... but just another lesbian flaunting her abhorrent lifestyle. They are both laughing at anyone who would believe this stupid story... and Oprah is getting richer.

To Anonymous:

HA! People who watch Opera risk going to hell? Wow, I'd hate to be under that kind of pressure all the time. I mean, if I watch CNN over Fox, does that mean I will go to hell too? If god is going to be doing all the judgment when we die, then why are all of you being so judgmental? It doesn't seem very "Christian" to me.

To all who continually say that Thomas is a "WOMAN," I have something to say.

Repeating an opinion over and over again does not make it true. Thomas is a TRANSGENDER, biologically a female, but not truly that in his heart and mind. I agree that the headline is misleading "Pregnant Man" but I don't understand how anyone can call the situation wrong. There's thousands of girls who get pregnant out of wedlock is that OK? Just wondering. Does it not say in the Bible that God loves everyone, and that Jesus died for ALL of us? For those that believe in a Judgment Day, what right do you have to 'predict' God's Judgment now? So what if Thomas wasn't God's original plan for humans...um, are you? Why is gender/orientation in this country a sin seen as the worst above all others?

People cannot be what they're not. Thomas is not a woman. And though the situation is not usual, does not give anyone the right to call it wrong. Christians should be teaching love not judgment, and the fact that almost none of them do is what turns so many people away.

Thomas and her "wife" are exploiting their pregnancy. Thomas is not a man. She is a chick with a beard. I find it disgusting they are sensationalizing their story in this manner. It shows great selfishness and a severe lack of concern for the unborn child's future emotional well being.

I support their legal right to have as many babies as they want. I even support their right to make themselves into laughing stocks by pushing the ridiculous notion Thomas is a pregnant man. It doesn't mean I believe their motivation is out of love. Love is selfless. To intentionally create life knowing how much hardship that life will face, is not a selfless act. Children of the best gay parents, still suffer some degree of social disdain. Imagine what this child is going to face.

I agree with the poster who commented how sad it was they couldn't find it in their hearts to adopt orphaned children who already exist. They seem like nice enough people who could have taken in a suffering child and lived a quiet private life. Instead, they chose to become attention whores and sensationalize their situation.

Vagina and the right plumbing still equals woman having baby not man,so why all the fuss ?

Leave God out of it? Is that what this Miss millie thinks we should do? I too am an RN. What a sham this is. This is clearly someone with a personality disorder, no doubt looking for attention and money. I think it's high time we stop allowing mentally ill individuals from acting out and getting paid to do so. The real shame is the poor child born to these degenerates. Oprah should be ashamed of herself for even bringing attention to them. Oprah has just lost one fan. I think our biggest mistake is leaving God out.

Yes, Men do not have wombs, fallopian tubes or eggs.So, "Tomas" not a man!!!! And you Oprah should take right positions about this, God watching over You also

Guess what everyone There are all sorts of people out there - some good, some bad. Prisons are FULL of bad people who have murdered, raped, ruined lives, destroyed whole communities and yet these animals are considered more "normal" than 2 people who obviously care for one another and their unborn child. Give is rest people and get over it. As for only liking watch "uplifting and enlightening" episodes of Oprah - the world is not always a pretty place so get out of your ivory tower and look around - you might be surprised.

Congradulations to the both of them. A lot of traditional couples just plop out babys when ever they want, That does not mean that these are all caring parents.This family is surly ready for the baby girl to be born into a loving family. The hate is uncalled for... Why would they have to close a well established business they own over this. They should be able to go on living their lifes there dreams like everyone else is allowed to. BE hapy for you blessing and enjoy every minute of her growing inside you and the many years of joy she will bring you.

Duh! This story does not warrant the coverage it is receiving. "It' is not a man. 'It' has female genitalia and female reproductive organ therefore is a woman. This is a story cleverly manufactured to gain popular attention and thus monetary profit it generates. The sooner it is shut down the better. Let Thomas continue with 'Its' confused illusion without the unwarranted sensation it has attracted. May the child be healthy and happy. Come on Oprah - not on your side of the fence with this one.

Who cares, it's their business. More power to them if it works. This really isn't much of a story.

It's not about being close-minded, ignorant, etc. It's about Truth. For those who choose to believe in God, he created us male and female. That fact is obviously physically stamped in our bodies. If you are born a female, then what and who you are is feminine. If you are born a male, then what and who are you is masculine. There's no other way around it. It's the truth. If God meant for us to switch between being male and female, then that's how we would all be. These two women are deeply, deeply confused about their sexuality and need help, and I feel a lot of compassion for them and all of those who struggle with sexuality. However, I do not believe that what these two women are doing is right at all or good for them. I choose to diverse from those people who think that what they are doing is ok, or that they can do whatever makes then happy. Does that make me close-minded, judgmental, intolerant, etc.? No. Does that make me superior or anything like that? No. We are all human, equal in dignity with the freedom to choose. However, some choices are always wrong. Yet even as I write this I respect anyone's choice to reject what I say or embrace it. But, if you still think I'm close-minded, etc., then what does that make you?

Yep, people need to stop pretending they're something they're not, you're a woman that is you TRUE IDENTITY, you have a uterus and a vagina, therefore: FEMALE. It is not wrong that SHE is having a child what is wrong is that she thinks she's a man. Getting pumped with testosterone does NOT make you a man.

I think it's awfully cruel to bring a child into this media freakshow. It's hard enough for children to grow up happy, healthy, and well adjusted without added stress. If you think this child is going to have a normal life and not grow up with issues you're just kidding yourself. Any truely loving parent if asked would always put their childs needs before their own. I think it's selfish to put youself on parade as an oddity and then expect people to believe this is all about the love of a child. I'm not buying it. I have no problem with gay, straight, transgender, bisexual, or whatever your preference but the reality is that this baby is going to have a tough life. I was a fat kid and I thought that was bad.

First of all, this women is a flippin moron. Why the hell would you get pregnant and then decide,"hey I want to be a man"... stupid. Then I feel very sorry for the poor kid, they are going to need some serious help in the future, and probably picked on a lot. I agree though with people, she will never be a man, men aren't able to have kids and NEVER will be, she was born a woman she should live with it. I also agree that why would they need to take this story public...I mean America is kinda screwed up as it is, this story isn't helping any.

This is not a surprising. Woman were designed to have babies. Thomas was never a man, therefore she was able to conceive. I wander if Thomas really wants to be Tracy again. This is nothing for the media to even blow up because now many young children are running around confused thinking that men can get pregnant when Thomas is really a woman. There is other news that should be displayed. (Wasted time, money and effort) Are you losing it Oprah? Get back focused on real issues, (poverty, the war in Iraq and in our own country, abuse, socioeconomically deprived schools, literacy and drop out rates.)

I think this all a publicity stunt. Thomas is not the first MAN to have a baby--Thomas is biologically a WOMAN and there is nothing out of the ordinary about a WOMAN being pregnant. Since Thomas is able to conceive that means he still has periods--you don't see the papers writing about a man having a period do you?! Obviously its up to the couple to have the baby but they shouldn't have broadcast it all over the media acting like they are doing something great. Poor unborn child!

I don't care what people decide to do, that is their affair. My comment rests with the "come-on" that Oprah used concerning the show where she featured this man. She has lost her credibility in my estimation because I'm sure she knew this "man" was actually a women. I feel she lied to me, the viewer, just to get my attention to view this show. After all what is so unusual about a woman having a baby?

I saw a clip of this on tv last night - so did my son. He looked astonished and asked 'How can a man have a baby??' I had to explain that it's not possible and that it is a mentally ill woman. I'm so tired of having to explain this immoral and bizarre behavior to my kids.

I agree, the couple came out to cash in on their current and upcoming expenses. My only question is, where's the pregnant man? I only saw a pregnant woman with short hair and a little facial hair, which is natual with real women.

A high priced Jerry Springer exclusive.

This is all nosense. It is a lesbian having a baby. Old news. Yes a child is a blessing, and God will always love the child, but that doesn't make the process of making that child any less disgracful. And if the child grows up to be as confused as his/her mother was, then the mother and her partner bare the sin, because they were the ones that intentionally had a child knowing what kind of circus world it would grow up in.

Imagine- Honey, there is something I need to tell you: Your mother isn't your mother and your father used to be a woman, but decided to become a man; but not really, because then he, I mean she decided she wanted to give birth to a baby. And your biological father, we don't know who he is.

Even if the child somehow manages to coupe with this, it will still have to face being a laughing stock in many people's eyes.

What else?? So, the Bible is wrong, diversity is okay and what goes is up to the individual. Wow, I didn't think anyone could be this screwed up. People--get with it. GOD is real. And, ah, it's not in anyones best interest to have a "wait and see" attitude. It's too late then. This is just too too sick.

When are all you people going to get it: Gender identity isn't based on your genitals. Man, woman, male, female - who the hell cares - How about these two loving, committed people are going to have a baby. Oh, and by the way, Hate isn't a family value!

I agree. I think this story is so unlike something Oprah would have on her show. It doesn't make it right or wrong, its just not something I expect to see when I tune into Oprah. This seems more like a guest who should be on Tyra or Jerry Springer.

I still love love ya, Oprah. But I enjoy your show more when it is uplifting and enlightening.

I agree with everyone that this is a woman and not a man having a baby. Why was this publicized in the first place? How many lesbian couples in the past have done the same thing? I think this couple leaked this because they wanted to capitalize on the story and make money. The media attention is just as bad. Another crazy story.

This really doesn't suprise me too much because, that's the way he
was born and it wasn't his fault to begin with..He has every right
to choose whatever he wants to be in his life...Why go through all
that surgery and then realize that you made a big mistake...
So like anything else, maybe in the future, there will be other guys like him that can help settle their confusions...If the baby comes out perfect, WHY NOT? It's always the first for everything.
Maybe it would be a good idea if the women who cannot conceive, they have their husbands to go through this...
I hope eveything turns out well for you....

This really doesn't suprise me too much because, that's the way he
was born and it wasn't his fault to begin with..He has every right
to choose whatever he wants to be in his life...Why go through all
that surgery and then realize that you made a big mistake...
So like anything else, maybe in the future, there will be other guys like him that can help settle their confusions...If the baby comes out perfect, WHY NOT? It's always the first for everything.
Maybe it would be a good idea if the women who cannot conceive, they have their husbands to go through this...
I hope eveything turns out well for you....

I’m not against same sex relationships or transgender. What I don’t understand is, if this person did not want to be female, why is "he" having a child? This person went through as much as "he" could to be transformed into a male and now all of a sudden "he" has a desire to be female. Did this person not think of the life the child will have while growing up? We all know that kids can be very cruel, so when this kid is growing up and tells his/her friends that his “Dad” gave birth to him, he is going to have such a hard time. For all you out there that think this is not going to happen, or that this kid will be alright, really think about it. Is this kid really going to be okay with kids making fun, or not having any friends, and we he gets older is he not going to have personal issues. I think that if you choose to be a different gender that is up to you but don’t contradict yourself by keeping both genders. You’re either female or male but not both.

This is nothing new. Aboriginal Americans used to call their transgendered persons 'two spirited', winkte, lhamana, and by many other names, in fact there were many lesbian chiefs who had wives, and male chiefs who had man-wives. In ancient Egypt, there is a 4,000 year old tomb which houses a gay couple, Niankh-khnum and Khnum-hotep, the chiefs of the manicurists of the pharaonic family.

There hasn't been one single culture on Earth that hasn't had transgendered people: the possibility of in vitro and other fertility alternatives is available to them as much as it is available to straight and gay couples. In fact, he is not the first pregnant transgendered person. In the Phillipines, several years back, a M2F transgendered gave birth to a child. Her mother donated the ovula, and her husband the sperm.

The religious bigots that spread hatred today have been doing so for two thousand years and have generated a HUGE HUGE amount of unnecessary suffering, due to their superstition and ignorance. Every single time, each and every study that has been done concerning children of queer parents, demonstrates that these children are normal: there is no greater percentage of dysfunction, or sexual diversity, in them. Religious bigots spread lies with no factual base. Leave them alone, let them be happy.

Shame on you Oprah! you use to be a classy lady! With values and morals and a connection with your spirtuality, you know in your heart this is WRONG and is dealing with the disfunctional! Satan has slighter into your soul! Now you have resulted to trash

You quoted me wrong, posted my name as Mel and put my name on something I did NOT say. Please correct this, as I do not agree with this those opinions, this is my quote:

FACT: Men do not have wombs, fallopian tubes or eggs.

You cannot conceive & carry a child without female organs, born a female, still a female. The only difference, she chose to remove her breasts & grow whiskers! Who is going to nurse this child? Enfamil!

The only man in this story is the sperm donor.

Media, headline your stories correctly, 'Transgender' having baby.

Thomas is a woman no matter how much he wants to be a man making this couple lesbians

The only thing i cant believe is that magazines, radio stations and even you oprah would have this perosn on your show. She is a women having a baby so then you need to invite every women haing a baby on your show. Nice how these two figured a way for fame i cant tell how she is a women having a baby big wips.

To Anonymous:

I am not judging "Thomas" in the sense that you are saying. If you believe in God and have a relationship with him, you would know that this situation is wrong and not right in the sight of God. I don't proclaim to be perfect, because I'm not. But I'm also not going to go around and jump on the bandwagon with others who thinks this is right or okay to do. You act like God is just sitting on his throne and smiling down on "Thomas" because of what "she's" doing. I don't believe he is! We are to hate the sin, not the sinner. I DO NOT hate "Thomas", but pity "her". She is a confused young lady and she needs to know that what she's doing is not right. It's also not fair to bring a child into the middle of such nonsense.

To Mary and Donni:

I stand with you in saying "Shame on Oprah for airing such foolishness." When are people going to learn that she cares nothing about them. It's only the $$$$$$ she's seeing.

And to Oprah's following, I hope that your eyes are opened quickly and you see her for what she is. Your souls are at stake!!!

To Frankito:

As a matter of fact, I do have children and I teach my children to respect and love "ALL" people. The statement I made above is neither hateful nor do I feel badly about what I wrote. It was the simple and plain truth. Just because you didn't like it means nothing to me. I have respect and love for all of God's creation, but to sit back to see and listen to foolishness like this without commenting on it, I will not do! Everyone time someone steps up to come out against "junk" like this, here comes people like you saying we're slandering or that we're hateful and that we're part of fueling oppression and segregation. You only say stuff like that when someone doesn't feel the way you do about a situation. It's morally wrong and I will continue to give my "OPINION" about it. If you don't like it, don't read it!!!

This is a NON STORY, it's a WOMAN! Plan and simple just dressing like a man! Gheez! And I agree if she wanted to be a MOM then be a MOM NOT A DAD! That is gonna be ONE SCREWED UP KID, and I feel sorry for it!

You know what...this is just down right awful. The blessing of child bearing should not be made into a media circus and joke. Thomas...no TRACY!!! You need deliverance and the only one who can give it to you is GOD, Christ our Savior, please hurry and get deliverance because your acts show just how close we are to the end of the world as we know it. I'll bet you this...you say your a man, but once those labor pains start to hit yo behind... all the WOMAN in you will show...and that's a fact!!!!!! We'll see how manly you are in labor. I don't care if you deliver via c-section or natural birth....LABOR PAINS are no joke and aint a man on earth that can hanlde...which is why the Lord put it on the woman. Face it....YOU ARE AND WILL 4-EVER BE....A WOMAN (check your birth certificate), and the proof is now in the pudding....your child!!!!

just another example of 2 self-absorbed people...
no thought to what the child will face ...
it's "all" about them ...
just like "oprah"
it's all about her...
her face on every magazine cover for years...
her favorite things...
her so called generosity (which is also tax-deductible)
her "new diet"
her blah blah blah blah
get over yourself... oprah
lots of us are "over" with you....

FACT: Men do not have wombs, fallopian tubes or eggs.

You cannot conceive & carry a child without female organs, born a female, still a female. The only difference, she chose to remove her breasts & grow whiskers! Who is going to nurse this child? Enfamil!

The only man in this story is the sperm donor.

Media, headline your stories correctly, 'Transgender' having baby.

"SHE" is not a man. Usually Oprah has some insiteful shows but this on is more on the lines of Jerry Springer. You have a woman, had sex change, then gets pregnant. If she still has reproductive organs then "SHE" IS NOT A MAN. That is not entertainment. The fact that she advertised this show as "a pregnant man" is misleading.

Men can decide to have surgery to change their gender and take estrogen pills so they could possibly get pregnant.

This is what Ms. Winfrey and People Magazine would like the world to believe. Why? Because the pregnant woman is being perceived as a natural born male. And this is a lie straight from hell.

Although Ms. Winfrey's make up can cover a multitude of sin, there's not enough media to cover the fact that Ms. Lee is a natural born woman, whom is able to have children, become pregnant.

First of all, this Woman chose to keep her organs and decided to get breast glands removed and take testosterone pills.

Okay, so she decided to be transgender with growing a little nub and keeping her own female organs. Thus, being considered male (because that' what she appears to be)and given rights to marry legally? Was this really legal?


A woman is having a child.

The child she is carrying is not a monster. That comment was wrong and I feel so sad for this child.

On the exterior, the woman wants others to perceive her as she feels she "ought" to have been. Regardless to how she feels, God didn't make a mistake with his creation. She'll see.

The New Earth book shouldn't enlighten you about a woman getting pregnant. That's what a woman's body was made to do. Bear children. There's nothing deep about this story.

We live in interesting times. Let's not forget that we are dealing with other human beings here, including a baby to be born. If the parents to be have gender-identity concerns then let's hope that they get their issues comfortably resolved and the child then grows up in a loving home and in a peaceful world.

Posted by: donni "...This is clearly a sign of the times, and believe it or not God is real...one day we will all (atheist, buddhist, hindus, christians, etc.) stand before Him to be judged for every word and action." ...How can you be so positive in quoting something from a book supposedly written Thousands of years ago to be accurate when people can't get a story they heard last week straight. If it wasn't meant to be, "GOD" wouldn't have allowed it. And I don't think the child will go through anymore scrutiny than any of us have. The greatest birth on earth was said to be Jesus' but we didn't hear anymore about the wonderful child until he was an adult. I don't think it will be any different with this child unless people filled with religious hate, like you, see to it that she's (because I read it's a girl) known as "nonsense" to anyone who will listen. Shame on "YOU" for not seeing that YOUR God is speaking for himself by giving them this blessing.

The child is being carried by a W-O-M-A-N.

Perhaps a very confused woman, but a WOMAN nonetheless. Ms. Winfrey and the mainstream media have latched onto this as if it's something miraculous, when, in fact, it's nothing more than a freakish perversion manifesting itself through a child birth.

My well-wishes to the unborn child.

Thomas is not a man! Men do not have a female reproductive system. For the time being, this is merely a woman dressed up as a man. Until that operation happens where the female organs are removed, she is still a she. I'm actually disappointed by the fact that Ms. Winfrey fell into this media circus by publizing this couple even more. They are having the media blitz that they wanted and probably will reap the monetary gains. I feel for the child and how confused and all the scutiny it will face. Fact is fact, this has nothing to do with being close-minded. Fact is this is merely a manly looking woman having a child. Nothing to see here, move on.

If the baby comes in to this crazy world healthy and they take good care of this child. I have no problems whatsoever. It doesn't matter how you live your life its how you teach and provide for kids for them to learn how to live their own life their own way. I have come from a good upbringing Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Grandmother and Grandfather all in one house and all of my siblings have grown differently and did different stuff as we got older.

A man can't have a baby. If there are girl parts there this is a woman with facial hair. Sorry. A man can't bear children.

I am not "surprised about all of this". Read the book 'MAN AND WOMAN BOY AND GIRL' by DR. John Money. As an RN Nurse we worked together at world famous JOHN'S HOPKINS HOSPITAL AND UNIVERSITY, in Baltimore, Maryland, in the early 1970s. He conducted one of the first TRANSGENDER SURGICAL CONSULTATION IN THE NATION. he also conducted research, and gave counselling to many persons who were "TRAPPED IN A BODY AND WAS NOT SURE OF THEIR GENDER". As a Midwife in the 1960s i delivered babies who had BOTH SEX ORGANS. i have also nursed persons who HAD TWO SETS OF INTERNAL ORGANS ALSO, and many others who were true "hermophodites".
Media which make $ millions can never imagine the extent of these events which has occured in the past. get real you need a WOMB TO CARRY AND NOURISH A BABY, IT IS THE ORDER OF NATURE.
i nursed in 16 countries in the world.
Miss Millie (retired RN nurse).

I think that this is a terrible mistake. This poor child would be made fun of by everyone when she is born. Thomas is not a "real man". You can change yourself in a million different ways, but if you came in this world as a woman, when you stand before God you will still be a woman. I think this a sin and a true sign that these are the last days. I think Oprah should have thought twice about airing this sillness. She has done nothing but help encourage some other confused "woman turned man" that they should also have a baby. Babies are gifts from God. They were not designed to be freaks or science cases. I don't agree with Thomas and nor do I agree with Oprah applauding him. This is not right.

sad that with all their love they could not have shared it with a helpless child who is already here on this earth instead of going through so much effort to reproduce something that genetically still is not theirs. I work in a shelter for battered children and I am sure Thomas and Nancy would have been great alternatives to living in our facility. I can only imagine how much money the two of them have spent on medical procedures...sex changes, insemination and Nancy looks like she has had more than her share of plastic surgery. We are a self absorbed world that really does not consider all the consequences of our actions. Nancy must be pretty old to have two grown married daughters. If she had adopted an eight year old her chances of having enough energy to be an active parent would be better. It looks like she must be about 15 or 20 years older than Thomas. Bottom line she is not a man and so the premise that a man is having a baby is misleading. SHe is not much different than the poor german female swimmers in the 60s and 70s who were given testosteone and grew beards and BIG vaginas. The only real difference is she got her boobs cut off. I would not pretend to pass judgement on these two for fear that the people who pass judgement on the people who pass judgement might pass judgement on me

I believe in anyone who wants to love should love, everyone should be true to themselves for who they are, but in this case, this person is very confused. He is not a she,but he wants to be a she yet not a she. Her desire to carry a child comes from being a woman, not a man. Physically, scientifically it is impossible for a man to concieve and carry a child. She seems to be very confused as to what gender she wants to be. They both need pyschologial counseling. Has anyone addressed the fact that her mother comitted sucide at a tender age for a child and all she had was to associate herself were men. How are they going to raise a child when they cannot even agree on a gender. Today I am a man, but still a woman? This isn't cute, nor the "new lifestyle", there are some severe pyschological issues here that need to be addressed. are talking about bringing a child into this world. You would have thought that their OB would have done this.

To Nonsense and Donni:

One day we may (may being the key word here) stand before what you refer to as "God" and just as you're realizing that "God" isn't really a "Him" at all, I will turn to you and give you a big hug, because I don't judge you or hold you accountable for your faults, nor do I judge Thomas for wanting to birth a child and neither does "God", because "He" is nothing like you.

Bravo, Oprah! Go Obama! Go Thomas!

Thomas is not a man so a man is not having a baby

Wow! Another example of how twisted a world we live in. According to the bible I read and the God I follow; there is something wrong with this scripturally. In the society we live in today, the least bit of opposition on a topic such as this, deems you hateful and close-minded; this of course is not the case. It is possible to love others, but oppose their choices. This is clearly a sign of the times, and believe it or not God is real...one day we will all (atheist, buddhist, hindus, christians, etc.) stand before Him to be judged for every word and action. We will all be accountable. There is nothing cute about this woman turned man having a baby, and shame on you Oprah for airing such nonsense.

Response to Nonsense:

It's that close-minded ignorance that fuels hatred, oppression, and segregation in our society. I really feel bad for your children, if God forsakes, you have any. Hopefully they can learn acceptance of other peoples' differences, even though their mother doesn't.

First of all people need to understand, "Thomas" IS NOT A MAN!!! This FEMALE was born a woman, thereby still making her able to conceive like the rest of us females. There is nothing cute, fun or even applaudable about this situation. As long as God still sits on the throne, MAN will never be able to conceive and give birth to a child. That is, and always will be, the way life is born into this world. If "THOMAS" wanted to have a baby, HE should have stayed a "SHE."

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