Thomas and Nancy's life in photos

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to the people, who care: why on earth do you react on this story ? Reacting is just a projection of your own problems.DonĀ“t you have a life to care about ?

I am a gay woman and my partner and I have discussed having children. My partner is the more feminine half of the relationship and will carry the child.

I would never be comfortable or brave enough to carry our baby. The fact that Thomas has stepped up and is carrying their child because his wife Nancy cannot displays his devotion to Nancy and to the commitment of having children. I am sure that they will be wonderful loving parents.

As far as I am concerned, Thomas became a man the moment he decided to regard himself as one.

Thomas and Nancy are nothing more than lesbian lovers... flaunting their abhorrent lifestyle. Neither one has any regard for the child she's carrying. How will the child react when told that "Daddy" is really "Mommy"... and "Mommy" is no relation at all.

i don't understand why they are saying a man is having a baby she is a woman that decided to be called a man and have a baby with a mans help for her girlfriend. Its a woman a Real man will never have a baby being that God did not intend for them to. No offense but the world is going to he doulbe hockey stick very quickly.

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