Proud Mary's back: Turner set to tour again

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If you've still got it at 68, you might as well still flaunt it. Tina Turner revealed this week during a taping of the Oprah show she's going back on tour again.

Turner -- one of the most popular selling singers of all time -- said pal Sophia Loren convinced her to go back on tour, asking when she's going to get "back to work."

Proud Tina -- who hasn't toured for eight years -- is kicking off her yet-to-be-named tour Oct. 1 in Kansas City. Sources claim Turner has sold more concert tickets than any other solo performer ever -- her last tour being attended by over four million proud listeners.

Turner's taping with Oprah and special guest Cher is slated to air May 8.

You go Tina!

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You go Tina is right, just list the date her tour will come to Chicago and we can get our tickets now.

See you in chicago, Tina

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