Oprah's one-on-one with the pregnant man

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"Thomas is a pregnant man, and he is here."

In her exclusive interview with the "pregnant man", Thomas tells Oprah and America about his story as a 12-year-old girl whose mother died, leaving him with a female void in his life.

He describes his father as a traditional man, who wasn't around much as a child.

Thomas lived his early years as a woman -- being names Miss Teen Hawaii and having several boyfriends and secret admirers.

"I felt like that's what I had to do in society," he says. "When I was a teenager, I had an attraction to women. I wanted to be around them more."

Thomas describes his initial feelings toward women as non-sexual, which changed as the years went by.

"I went to college, and that's when I found myself," Thomas says as he describes his first relationship with a women in college.

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Jerry Springer is probably jealous that his show does not have the wow factor of Oprah's. She can take rotten fish eggs sitting in the trash for a week and present it as caviar--a fine dining cuisine!

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