Oprah: How'd he get pregnant if he's the one with the penis?

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In describing to Oprah how they got pregnant, Nancy tells the audience how she inseminated Thomas at home herself.

"I went to the vet and I asked for a syringe and the gave us one," she says. "[Then] I got our container of sperm ... "

Nancy's daughters and how they responded to Thomas becoming a man
I think it was more of a relief to see that she got to be who she wanted to be, one of Nancy's daughters tells the audience.

"I'm a little scared for them," her daughter says about the world accepting Thomas' pregnancy, saying she looks to Thomas and Nancy as role models.

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I love this site! Good question!
Nowdays you can get pregnant even if you have a penis.
You can also get pregnant if you're a virgin!
It's all a bit scary! Old women get pregnant, men get pregnant, virgins get pregnant!
What's next?????

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