Oprah dedicates show investigating puppy mills to late pet, Sophie

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Talk show host Oprah Winfrey is dedicating her Friday show investigating the cruelty of puppy mills to her late Cocker Spaniel, Sophie.

The Lisa Ling investigation uncovers the secret world of mills, and why it's important to find our where your dog is really coming from.

Winfrey released a statement saying the show is "for anybody anywhere who loves a dog, has ever loved a dog, or just cares about their basic right to humane treatment."

While Sophie was not a product of a puppy mill, and Winfrey's three current dogs were adopted from breeders, Winfrey says in the future she would look to adopt from an animal shelter.

"I would never, ever adopt another pet now without going to a shelter to do it. I am a changed woman after seeing this show," she said in a statement.

Months leading up to the show, a billboard off I-90/94 near Oprah's Harpo studios asked the talk show queen to look into the cruelty of animals at puppy mills.

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Thank you for that show.I felt so sad. I love all animals and especially my little poodle I got from the Animal Shelter. She had a bad skin condition and allergies. I am using natural products she has improved, along with changing her eating habits. :)

Happy New Year 2009!
The Skin Care Lady

This show has become the focal point for the Animal Rights People killing millions of dogs.

Oprah is no better than Hitler when it comes to mass extermination of mans best friend. Shame on you Oprah. When you forsake your Lord and God Jesus, and became a cult person was a new low, Killing helpless animals (Which are creatures of God) is a sin that will have you standng on the outside and looking in on judgement day.

I adopted a Husky from a breader. She had several litters and was being put out for retirement. She had never been off a chain to run or inside a house. She was a great dog but every day she has issues involving her past. She was never really house broken, feared men, and ran away every chance she could get. She made a great pet and we had a great 4 years together. She learned to walk in parks and became very social with others and was great with children.
It takes time but a great way to save a pure bread.

Your show on Friday has touched many people who have pets. There should be a law to enforce any "cruelty" towards all animals. I was very upset through all of it, especially when they had to choose which animal to be put down and watching them do it. It broke my heart. Your show informed anyone on all aspects of choosing a pet, taking the proper steps to ensure safety and good health of the pet. Thank you for being such a humane and caring person.

I watched the Oprah show today on the inhuman ways we treat dogs in the puppymills. I know that there are animals who are being abused in the world but, somehow this really hit me like a ton
of bricks today. At the end of the show the ways in which we the
people could help is by spading our pets or if we wanted to get a pet we should get it from a pound. Well I have to say that this is not ok with me nor is it enough. This was the first Oprah show I have watched that was really disapointing. What about stoping the cruelty or possibly having the Government shut these puppymills down. If we can work in numbers coulnd`t we do something that can get the Government to understand that these animals have feelings and emotions just like we do. The only thing they do not have is a voice. We can be that voice for them. Am I alone in how I feel or are there others who want to do more to stop the cruelty.

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