Is America ready for a pregnant man? An Oprah, People magazine exclusive

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His story captured headlines across the country -- and the world for that matter -- just last week. Now, the pregnant man is letting Oprah's camera inside his life-changing story.

In exclusive interviews with Oprah and People magazine, Thomas Beatie, will tell all during Thursday's show -- on being 34, happily married, transgendered and being pregnant.

Visit back during and after the show -- broadcast at 9 a.m. in Chicago -- as we live blog Oprah's exclusive interview Thursday.

Beatie's story first broke in the latest issue of the "Advocate" -- an LGBT magazine -- in which he details the decision to carry a child in a first-person account.

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I don't have a problem with homosexuals, transexuals, transgendered or anyone else. But it is obvious Thomas cannot really say he is a man. It's clear his femininity was/is important to 'him' and part of 'him.' 'He' is and was not ready/sure about being a man. If 'he' were, 'he' would have not kept 'his' uterus, would not have gotten pregnant, and would not be considering birthing more children.
Anyway, I missed the answer to why 'his' WIFE is not the one getting pregnant?

Why do intelligent humans give stories like this the time of day? I guess I did because it makes me angry that transgender / gays / and just general weird o's continue to need spectacular media attention to support their own inadequacies and insecurities. Just because it walks like a man and it talks like a man, doesn’t make it a man. Look between its legs and surprise it’s a woman and women can have babies. Maybe “it” could stretch out it’s lips and waddle. We could say a duck is having a human baby. Hey it looks like a duck, and acts like a duck………daaaaaaa wait, it’s just a transgender duck looking weird o having a baby.

Just because in her mind she feels she is a man, does not make this such a big deal physically she is a woman. No BIG DEAL women have been giving birth to children for 1000"s of years. Now when a real man is going to give birth let us know.

Listen, just because you can yourself a man clearly does not make you one. This headline is disingenuous since "shim" was born a female, with female parts. Leave the PT Barnum stuff our of a national paper and in the Weekly World News where it belongs

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