In the opening segment with is wife, Nancy, Thomas describes life as being pregnant

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"Getting dressed is becoming more and more challenging," Thomas says.

Thomas and Nancy's first pregnancy -- with him being pregnant -- resulted in an atopic pregnancy in which doctors say he may have been pregnant with multiple babies.

Thomas and his father
"My father, I think, wanted a son," he says of his father, but calls his son by his female name.

"He can't see me in that way," he says.

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So, does a woman who has a double mastectomy for breast cancer have a choice of gender reassignment? Does a woman who has a prophylactic mastectomy for possible breast cancer have the choice of gender reassignment? Is a woman with breast implants for enhancement more of a woman? If a man has implants to live as a woman does he have a choice of gender reassignment? Since I have had my right breast removed due to breast cancer, should I have the choice to be half woman and half man? I have no problem with the choice of these people, but, for me, a 14-year-breast cancer survivor who has had to deal with all of the ramifications of losing a body part while retaining my femaleness, it does hit a note with me that removal of breasts could be the surgical procedure for gender reassignment, even though the whole picture includes living as a man and probably testosterone introduction.

this is totally crazy and, shame on you Oprah for even hosting this nonsense. I am becoming less of a fan - you have stepped in Gods house now and, you don't have that right! All your money don't give you the right to change mans morals

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