Before he was Thomas, he was Tracy, a teen beauty queen

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For the past two years, Thomas and Nancy have been trying to have a child.

"You heard me right, Thomas is a pregnant man," Oprah says.

So far, Thomas says no one in their community knows he's pregnant -- except medical doctors.

"I think that people will be shocked because no one's ever heard of a man giving birth before," Thomas says.

Going public
"I think the world is taking it all in," Oprah says hesitantly.

Exploring his life
"I realized I wanted to be free again," he says. "I didn't want to see the world as male or female."

Over the years, Thomas ended up taking testosterone to help him become more masculine.

When he met his wife, he was still Tracy, legally a woman.

"Sexuality is a completely different topic than how you feel as a gender," Thomas says. "When I woke up in the morning, I felt like a man."

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I can't believe the attention that this totally outrageous story is getting!!!! So what; a woman that appears to have become a man gets pregnant! How "infantile" for the media to make a big deal about this! No news anywhere else! Shame on you Oprah! I used to expect better from you! Maybe you should call your show"The Oprah Springer Show"! Very "tacky"!!!

Thomas is not a man...& his pregnancy proves it! He can call himself a man, act like a man, talk like a man, dress like a man & change his gender & name by law...but his body & mother nature CANNOT BE FOOLED. Thomas is still a woman!

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