Becoming a man

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Thomas describes how he transformed into a man -- wearing men's clothes initially then making the decision to have his breasts altered.

"Since we're in the genital area, let's just get it over with and keep going," Oprah asks. "Let's get to the penis part."

Thomas reveals he opted not to do anything to his reproductive organs because he wanted to have a child one day.

"That's so interesting," Oprah says, expressing how Thomas had the feelings of being a man, yet wanting to give birth to a child.

After taking testosterone, Thomas describes how his clitoris got larger and began to form a small penis.

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Well well well...i actually believed it was a man who got pregnant.The 'man' is actually a woman afterall.Just goes to show we cannot alter our born natural sex despite advanced medical and surgical techniques!

Just because she reduces her breasts and takes testatrone doesn't make someone a man. I am shocked to think that their home state recognizes her in this way. If I started wearing mens clothes and got breast reduction surgery, would I be considered a man?
There has to be more to changing your sex. We can't be a society of flip-floppers... choosing what sex we want to be when it is convenient to us. That is ridiculous!

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