Audience gone wild: Woman wants $50,000 from Oprah, sues studio after crowd gets 'rough'

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As if getting a hold of one of the most sought out tickets in the city wasn't enough, now one woman wants $50,000 from Oprah, saying she got trampled during a taping of the show.

As first reported in the Sun-Times last week, a woman is suing Oprah's Harpo Studios saying she suffered permanent injuries after being pushed down a flight of stairs in a rush to get seats prior to taping the show.

The woman -- Orit Greenberg -- says audience members rushed the gate after being told to sit where they wanted.

International media, including Midwest Business, the BBC, the Boston Herald, and E! Online have picked up on the story.

Is Oprah's audience really unruly? I've been to three tapings of Oprah's show and can say the queen of talk operates a tightly run operation.

Translation: Audience members (done up and donning new outfits bought especially for the show) line up outside the show usually one to two hours before taping is scheduled (the earlier you get there, the better chances you have of getting the seat you want).

As audience members line up make their way into the building in a single-file line, they're given a card with a number on it (which also doubles as a release form stating you're basically fine with signing your life over to Harpo for that day).

Once ushered into a holding pen for about 45 minutes or so (there are only enough seats to seat about half the audience),

The end game: Oprah's crew begins calling select few (those who were smart and wore bright colors) to enter, followed by number increments -- just so there ISN'T a mad rush to get into the studio.

It's a pretty civil process if you ask me, but someone else will have to be the judge of that. Sounds like a case for Judge Milian. Imagine this:

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