Wedding bells for Drew Barrymore?

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While she shied away from saying she's ready to get married, viewers could read between the lines as Drew Barrymore talked about her ongoing relationship with actor Justin Long, hinting their relationship isn't going away any time soon.

Drew's beau showed plenty of face time during the opening of Monday's show, telling the audience she's beautiful, funny and the "most compassionate person" he'd ever met.

Long's famous for his roles in "Dodgeball," the television series "Ed" and most recently his role in the "Get a Mac" ad campaign from Apple (see below). He formerly dated Kaitlin Doubleday, his costar in the independent film "Waiting ..."

"I found a best friend," she said of Long. "At some point, you decide the person you want to become, you grow up and you make different choices and changes in your life. This relationship is great. It's healthy and productive and supportive and it's full of humor."

Barrymore said she and Long have been traveling a lot, partly because of her work on several documentaries and with a U.N. group aimed at providing food to starving children in Africa.

"When I hit 30 ... I wanted to do things that really spoke to my heart, I didn't want to just do for the said of doing," she said.

Barrymore -- in front of a audience who gave her a standing ovation -- announced that she was donating $1 million of her own money to the U.N. program, called the World Food Programme.

Fellow actress and friend Cameron Diaz -- who was filming in L.A. -- made a surprise call into the show to commend Barrymore's efforts.

"I've been listening to the show and I'm choked up," she said. "I'm so proud of Drew."

It's unprecedented where we're at in the world and how our children live, Diaz said.

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