The challenge has just begun

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With nine contestants left and seven more shows lined up, we want to know, what did you think of Oprah's "Big Give"? Have a favorite contestant, tell us. Who do you think will win it all? Do you think whoever wins the "Big Give" will keep the million bucks they're given?

Share your thoughts on the show. In the coming days we'll profile who's left on the show and head back every Sunday as we blog what happens on the "Big Give."

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Oprah needs to totally go home. She is done. She has overstayed her welcome. Good bye O.

Oprah's Big Give is a sickening concept. If you want to do charitable work, do it, but don't make a big televised production and go "look at me how generous I am!".This webpage is a waste of space. Oprah has had her heyday and needs to retire along with Obama, her protege who is ruining the Democratic party. Why don't you use this space to showcase the good deeds of people who work for free for the greater good instead of glamorizing these show-offs.

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